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Compare Analytics Programs

Different Programs for Different Learners

The Carlson School offers multiple graduate programs in business analytics. Choose a full-time or part-time program. Earn an analytics degree or a certificate. You can even double your impact by choosing a dual degree program.

No matter which program you choose, you'll learn how to apply data science and analytics to solve real problems businesses face.

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One-Year MS in Business Analytics

One-year investment, lifetime benefits: Earn your MS in Business Analytics in 11 months.

Format: Full-Time; 1 year; 45 credits
Start date: Summer (June)
Location: On-campus; classes held during the day
Courses: Experiential learning & various electives

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Part-Time Master of Applied Business Analytics

Keep your job while getting ahead: Earn a master's in analytics while you work.

Format: Part-Time; 2 years; 32 credits
Start date: Fall (September)
Location: HyFlex classes: attend online or in person, switch as needed
Courses: Experiential learning & various electives

MBA Students

Dual Degree: MBA + MSBA

Double your impact: A global business education that recognizes the need for data expertise.

Format: Full-Time; 2.5 years; 89 credits
Start date: Fall (September)
Location: On-campus; classes held during the day
Courses: Experiential learning & various electives

MSF Classroom

Dual Degree: MS Finance + MSBA

Double your impact: Gain in-demand skills in both finance and business analytics.

Format: Full-Time; 2 years; 63 credits
Start date: Summer (July)
Location: On-campus; classes held during the day
Courses: Experiential learning & various electives

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Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Enhance your career: Analytics skills complement all functional areas of interest to employers.

Format: Part-Time; 1 year; 12 credits
Start date: Fall (September)
Location: On-campus and online
Courses: Transferrable to some degree programs



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