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Business Analytics Graduate Programs

Data is everywhere and companies need analytics professionals who can make sense of it all. Our graduate programs in business analytics teach students how to analyze data to extract insights and create business value.


Find Your Future in a Data-Driven World

Business analytics education at the University of Minnesota puts more possibilities within reach:

Career Opportunity

Demand for analytics professionals continues to grow, with job openings in nearly every industry. That means more opportunity, job security, and flexibility for people entering the field.

Business Results

Data is already transforming today’s businesses. With analytics, you’ll learn to use data to answer important questions, solve tough problems, and generate better results.

Meaningful Impact

Learning analytics empowers you to take on bigger projects and exciting roles, whether you want to conquer the corporate world or use your skills to tackle issues for your community and society as a whole.

Compare Program Options

Choose the full-time business analytics program to graduate in one year. The part-time analytics program is ideal for professionals who want to earn a degree while continuing to work.

One-Year Analytics Program

One-year investment, lifetime benefits: Earn your Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) in 11 months.


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Format: Full-Time; 1 year; 45 credits
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Start Date: Summer (June)
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Location: On-campus; classes held during the day
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Courses: Experiential learning & various electives

Part-Time Analytics Program

Keep your job while getting ahead: Earn your Master of Applied Business Analytics (MABA) while you work.


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Format: Part-Time; 2 years; 32 credits
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Start Date: Fall (September)
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Location: HyFlex classes: attend online or in person, switch as needed
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Courses: Experiential learning & various electives

The Carlson Advantage

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Highly Ranked

Among the first of its kind, the Carlson MS in Business Analytics is consistently ranked as a top 10 program in the U.S.

Ellen Trader and Ravi Bapna discuss the Carlson Analytics Lab

Expert Faculty

Learn from scholars and pioneers in recommender systems, online auctions, data science, machine learning, and more.

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Real Experience

Experiential learning opportunities let students apply what they learn in the classroom and gain resume-worthy experience.

Picture Your Future

MSBA alum Jesse Andrist
As a Mayo Clinic health systems engineer like Jesse Andrist, '19 MSBA
MSBA alum Gunreet Thind
Managing technical programs for Microsoft like Gunreet Thind, '17 MSBA
MBA-MSBA alum Emily Rose
As a Deloitte senior consultant like Emily Rose, '20 MBA-MSBA
MSBA alum Haoyang Cai
Working as a LinkedIn data scientist like Haoyang Cai, '18 MSBA

More Choices for Your Business Analytics Education

Double your impact with a dual degree program or enhance your skills with a graduate certificate in analytics:

Dual Degree: MBA + Business Analytics

Expand your reach with a powerful mix of business management knowledge, leadership skills, and data analytics expertise.

Dual Degree: Finance + Analytics

Combines two top-ranked degree programs to prepare graduates with in-demand skills in finance and business analytics. 

Graduate Certificate: Business Analytics

Add a new set of skills to your resume and enhance your professional value with a graduate certificate in analytics.

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