Developing the Next Generation of Principled Business Leaders

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ethics and corporate responsibility are woven throughout our undergraduate curriculum. However, in today's business environment we must constantly ask ourselves, can we be doing even more to shape the next generation of principled business leaders. We think we can.

This academic year we will be piloting an initiative that will strengthen the ethics and corporate responsibility coverage that occurs within the required coursework of our Undergraduate Program. This new offering will become the foundation for all the discussions our students will have on these topics during their four years at the Carlson School.

The 3-credit freshman class, taught by Professor Ian Maitland who served on the team that developed the recommendation, will better help our students acquire the skills for ethical and effective citizenship that will last throughout their careers. The course will become a requirement for all incoming freshmen in 2013-14.

I am so excited for this addition to our curriculum and wish to thank the students, faculty, staff, and our Undergraduate Alumni Board members who worked so hard to make this possible.