Organized by the Holmes Center and led by a committed group of women entrepreneurs and investors, WE* is focused on supporting scalable, women-led startups in Minnesota through a series of conferences and events.

WE* has developed annual conferences targeting startups and corporate/academic innovators, in addition to informal events throughout the year that highlight leading women entrepreneurs and bring the community together.  We are seeking to highlight resources to support scalable women-led startups in Minnesota, with a goal of encouraging more women to develop big ideas, gain access to the incredible resources right here in Minnesota, and ultimately raise capital to grow their businesses.

WE* 2020

Women in Entrepreneurship Conference

February 2021

Annual spring conference designed to inspire and educate a broad range of aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, while encouraging women-led participation in MN Cup


Women Innovators Conference

Women Innovators Conference

Upcoming November 16, 2020

Annual fall conference to inspire, inform, and connect leading STEM researchers in industry and academia, seeking to engage them with University and professional community


WE* Talks

WE* Talks

Upcoming 2020

Quarterly meetups featuring talks by inspiring entrepreneurs that connect undergraduate students, MBA students, and recent graduates with leading women entrepreneurs


Sylvia Acevedo

Online Speaker Sylvia Acevedo

Jessica Norwood

Online Speaker Jessica Norwood

October 28, 2020

Founder, RUNWAY

Sarah Friar

Online Speaker Sarah Friar

November 11, 2020

CEO, Nextdoor






MN Cup participants with woman cofounder