Return from Singapore with school's best finish yet in undergraduate international competition.

A team of Carlson School undergraduates finished 2nd Runner-Up at the APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge 2013 in Singapore May 12 to 16. This marks the first time a Carlson School undergraduate MIS team has placed in international competition. Twenty-four entrants from 16 countries participated in the competition, including the champion team from the University of British Columbia in Canada and the 1st Runner-Up team from Simon Fraser University, also in Canada.

Carlson School team members include Benjamin Hohl, Wendy Lu, and Zach Wettstein, with Rachael Chan as alternate.

The cases in the competition focused on improving the guest experience and revenue for Sentosa Leisure Management. Sentosa Island is one of the top five visited attractions in the world. All teams officially visited the island twice during the competition.

As a top three team, the students received public feedback at the event's final celebration. One judge said, "Each team talked about analytics, but Minnesota explicitly showed us their analytic analysis and linked it directly to the customer use case. Good job, Minnesota." Another judged called the team's recommendations "practical and comprehensive."

The Carlson School team was coached by Corrie Fiedler and sponsored by MIS Quarterly.