Alok Gupta Named INFORMS ISS Distinguished Academic Fellow

Monday, November 17, 2014


Alok Gupta

Professor Alok Gupta has been named an INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Distinguished Fellow, joining a list of who’s who in information systems research. This prestigious honor is given to those who have made outstanding intellectual contributions to the field through their published research, editorial appointments to relevant journals, and mentorship to doctoral students and young researchers.

Gupta, the Curtis L. Carlson School-wide Chair in Information Management and former chair of the Department of Information and Decision Sciences (IDS), studies data communications, information security and digital rights management, online auctions, decision support systems, and other important facets of IDS. He has been published in such journals as Management Science, ISR, MIS Quarterly, and Information Technology Management, among others. He teaches courses in computer networking, electronic commerce, decision support, IT infrastructure, and computer programming at the undergraduate, MBA, and PhD levels. In 2012, he received the INFORMS ISS Design Science Award for his work, “Design of Automated Agents Capable of Recognizing and Forecasting the Economic Environment.”

"No one can beat IS research because we are on the edge of technology, and technology is what changes the world," says Gupta.

Upon receiving the honor last weekend at the INFORMS 2014 annual meeting in San Francisco, Gupta thanked his many students from over the years.

"All of these students ... took me in directions that I didn't know existed, and I learned from them, so much," he says. "It's just been a great journey."

On the future of information systems research, Gupta says, "I'm very encouraged by the general direction of the field. No one can beat IS research because we are on the edge of technology, and technology is what changes the world."

INFORMS ISS is an organization that fosters, promotes, and disseminates research on the use and impact of information technology. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners in information systems to interact and further their interests in the area.

Gupta joins Carlson School Professor Emeritus Gordon Davis, who was inducted as a Distinguished Academic Fellow in 2009.