Alan Benson Receives 2 Early Career Awards

Alan Benson Receives 2 Early Career Awards

Monday, June 11, 2018

Work and Organizations Assistant Professor Alan Benson recently won two major early career awards. He is the recipient of the 2018 Frank Giarratani Rising Star Award and the John T. Dunlop Scholar Award.

The Rising Star Award, presented by the Industry Studies Association, recognizes the contributions of junior scholars through their industry-based research. Benson was honored for his work on managing career ladders in the retail industry, specifically his paper “Strength from Within: Why Transfers Outperform Hires.”

The Labor and Employment Relations Association’s Dunlop Award recognizes outstanding contributions to research that address industrial relations/employment problems of national significance. The award committee said Benson was honored for “your work on the economics of human resources, your research into compensation plans, incentives, and staffing practices, and your research on dual career issues in job searches.”

Benson’s research interests are in empirical personnel and labor economics. Specifically, he analyzes “big data” for personnel management, using the analytical tools of microeconomics to make casual connections between firms’ practices and outcomes. He has been at the Carlson School since 2013.