2 Carlson MBAs Receive Alumni Service Awards

Friday, November 10, 2017

UMA Awards 2017
Two graduates from the Carlson School recently received Alumni Service Awards from the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA). The award recognizes the service of a volunteer who has had a major impact on the University, its schools, colleges, departments, faculty, the UMAA, or any of its constituent groups. This year, the award was given to Simon Hu, ’09 MBA, and Timothy Huebsch, ’07 MBA.

Simon Hu

As a cultivator and connector, Hu has been a beacon of leadership for U alumni, students, and the international business community. A 2009 graduate of Carlson’s China Executive MBA program (CHEMBA), he has built bridges between the U.S. and China and has been instrumental in creating a global community of U alumni through his work as executive president of the U of M China Alumni Association, executive president external promotion of the Guangzhou chapter, and vice president of the Shanghai chapter. He’s also co-founder and ongoing champion of the Mingling Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports children in poverty in China. Throughout his years of service, he has helped expand CHEMBA through building its donor, alumni, and new student base.

A highly respected businessman, Hu is the senior vice president for global electrical engineering for Banner Engineering, putting his skills as a senior practitioner of the sensor and automation industry in China to work. His professionalism and communication skills cross over to his work with the Alumni Association both in business and life.

Timothy Huebsch

A 2007 graduate of the Carlson School MBA program and a 2008 policy fellow of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Huebsch’s leadership skills continue to make impactful, positive change in the world. As the president of the alumni board at the Carlson School and a board member and volunteer at numerous organizations throughout Minnesota, he has proved himself as someone who knows how to ask critical questions and encourage forward thinking among his peers. His work within the alumni board has changed the spectrum of its work by developing new, strategic solutions and rethinking an overall approach to philanthropy. This work has put forward a more accessible, meaningful way of giving for alumni at all levels.

Between his career as a senior IT professional at General Mills, his genuine passion for giving back to the community, and his loyalty to the U, it’s no wonder he is known among his network as a true connector and a give-first leader.

Other Honorees

Hu and Huebsch received their Alumni Service Awards at a UMAA banquet on October 19. Several other Carlson School alumni were recognized at the event. William Dammann, ’17 BSB, and Callie Livengood, ’17 BSB, received the Donald R. Zander Alumni Award as well as the President’s Student Leadership and Service Award, which recognizes the efforts of outstanding student leaders. Also winning the President’s Award was Michelle Rosas, ’17 MBA. Tomasz Czechowicz, ’98 MBA, of Poland received a Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals, which honors those who have attained distinction as professionals in their careers and have demonstrated sustained outstanding achievement and leadership. The Japan Minnesota Association received Program Extraordinaire award. Three of its leaders are Carlson School alumni: Kenichi Yamaguchi, ’95 MBA; Akira Nakamura, ’92 MBA (and UMAA Board of Directors member); and Harumi Iwanami, ’82 MA-IR.