Specializations - Management

An emphasis in management provides students with:

  • vital knowledge and understanding of how to analyze the changing competitive landscape faced by organizations
  • leadership skills to develop and implement action plans to provide organizations with a competitive advantage
  • entrepreneurship skills to recognize and develop new business opportunities
  • managerial skills necessary to successfully deal with the challenges of innovation, manage a diverse workforce and navigate the political landscape within a firm

The internal and external environment of firms is changing in dramatic ways. The management challenges are exciting and endless. Globalization is a reality, technological change is sweeping over all sectors of the world economy, industries are consolidating, new industries are forming, organizational learning is imperative, a great deal of business development is occurring through alliances and acquisitions, workforce diversity is increasing, teams are critical to organizational success, and with the assistance of technology and movement toward a global workforce, the very nature of work in firms is changing.

All of these challenges require strong management skills to navigate the changing competitive landscape and chart new ways to continually add value. Management is an exciting field; and one where a great deal of new knowledge is continually developed.

The faculty in the Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship are actively involved in the discovery of knowledge in this field and will share it with you through the courses offered in this emphasis.

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