MS in Finance Specialization Healthcare

A specialization in Healthcare Finance provides students with vital knowledge at the intersection of finance and the healthcare industry. You’ll be taking the next step toward a successful career in the healthcare industry, working to obtain a finance function that will impact functional units in healthcare, new technology, or the healthcare marketplace.

What You'll Learn

  • The different actors transacting the more than $8 trillion global health economy annually, ranging from health insurers, physicians, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical firms
  • How new medical technologies, ranging from cures for specific cancers to to $1 billion pharmaceutical blockbusters are financed and brought to market
  • How to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis when evaluating new medical technologies
  • How to construct an investor report on the financial viability of new medical innovations in the U.S. and global markets


Course Schedule

Students can complete the program in 10 or 16 months based on personal goals and preferences. You will take 31 credits of the required MS in Finance curriculum and round out your degree with elective classes developed to specifically focus on Health Finance.


Courses include:

  • MILI 6985 - The Health Care Marketplace (strongly encouraged)
  • MILI 6995 - Medical Valuation Laboratory  (strongly encouraged)
  • MILI 6589 - Medical Technology Evaluation
  • MILI 6235 - Pharmaceutical Industry
  • MILI 6963 - Healthcare Analytics
  • MILI 6562 - Information Technology in Healthcare
  • MILI 6726 - Medical Device Industry


Career Outcomes

Graduates with a specialization in Healthcare Finance go on to work in fields such as management consultancies, health insurers, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and investment banks. Our graduates find jobs at top companies, including UnitedHealthcare, Optum, The Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, Piper Sandler, Accenture, Walgreens, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Boston Scientific, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Abbott Labs.

Those who specialize in this area are prepared for positions, such as:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Performance Manager
  • Financial Consultant

Learn more about career outcomes for MS in Finance graduates by viewing our employment report.


Michael Ramlet

The Carlson School and health finance faculty prepared and mentored me for a range of career roles starting from United healthcare intern to hospital financial industry analyst at a national consultancy to a Director of a Washington DC health policy think tank within three years.

Michael Ramlet, BSB (2009), CEO, The Morning Consult

Healthcare Finance Admissions

The admissions process and application deadlines for the MS in Finance Healthcare Finance specialization are the same for the MS in Finance program.

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