MS in Finance Specialization Corporate

A specialization in Corporate Finance provides you with the knowledge and skills to help organizations maximize shareholder value through financial planning and analysis.  Roles in Corporate Finance deal with the day-to-day operations of a business including budgeting and forecasting; managing working capital and capital structuring; and activities to realize long-term financing goals. A Corporate Finance specialization will help you learn financial skills and strategies to manage an organization’s capital investments, cash flow, financial statements, and taxation.

What You'll Learn

  • Methods for valuing projects and companies, including models that use discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) or the metrics of comparable companies or benchmarks
  • How a company’s choice of financing mix can affect its risk and required return and how to incorporate that into an analysis of company valuation
  • How to analyze company payout policy choice and its effect on shareholder perception valuation
  • How economic events affect the markets, risk and return, and company valuation
  • How to incorporate other disciplines in strategic planning in finance, including accounting, psychology, economics, regulation, and more
  • Build and use real financial valuation models:
    • To analyze a firm’s performance and to identify the critical drivers of that performance
    • To understand performance and valuation relationships
    • To critically think about a wide range of topical finance issues
    • To understand and apply the concepts and relationships at the heart of financial analysis.

Course Schedule

Students can complete the program in 10 or 16 months based on personal goals and preferences. You will take 31 credits of the required MS in Finance curriculum and round out your degree with elective classes developed to specifically focus on Corporate Finance.


Courses include:

  • FINA 6111 - Financing over a Firm’s Lifecycle
  • FINA 6213 - Financial Capital Structure
  • FINA 6214 - Business Valuation
  • FINA 6323 - Advanced Financial Modeling
  • FINA 6623 - Economic Booms and Busts….
  • FINA 6112 - Private Equity
  • FINA 6123 - Financial Services Industry
  • FINA 6215 - The CFO Mindset…
  • FINA 6222 - Mergers and Acquisitions
  • FINA 6511 - Options for Corporate Finance
  • FINA 6325 - Behavioral Finance
  • ACCT 5141 - Financial Data Analytics
  • ACCT 5161 - Financial Statement Analysis


Career Outcomes

Graduates with a specialization in Corporate Finance go on to work at companies such as Land O’Lakes, Target, 3M, General Mills, Cargill, Ecolab, and many others.

Those who specialize in this area are prepared for positions, such as:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Senior Finance Analyst
  • Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP)
  • Corporate Development

Learn more about career outcomes for MS in Finance graduates by viewing our employment report.


Corporate Finance Admissions

The admissions process and application deadlines for the MS in Finance Corporate Finance specialization are the same for the MS in Finance program.

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