Graduate Certificates Frequently Asked Questions

A Graduate Certificate program is a formal, transcripted credential of courses and other related experiences in a field of specialization. Courses are led by Carlson faculty and taken alongside MBA, Master of Applied Business Analytics, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, and Master of Business Taxation degree-seeking students, for transcripted grades, with the expected rigor and engagement of any Carlson graduate student.

A certificate is akin to a professional credential, which signifies accomplishment, specialization, and achievement in leadership development, data analytics, decision-making, entrepreneurship, and strategy or finance.

While the MBA or Masters degree is designed to help learners develop cross-functional business skills and to become broadly literate in a variety of businesses, a graduate certificate aims to develop specific skills and knowledge in a shorter period of time.

Typically most graduate certificates will be 12 credits; in some variations, with being 13 credits, and can be completed in 1 year.

Graduate Certificates would be appropriate for working professionals across all industries who may have decided to gain a focused credential or in-depth knowledge of specific business concepts.

Certificate learners still recognize the credibility and value a Graduate Certificate from University of Minnesota would lend for potential career advancement, professional development, or growth.

The Carlson School seeks learners whose academic backgrounds, professional experience, and leadership abilities meet the rigorous demands of our top-ranked programs. We look for learners with strong professional and academic backgrounds who can thrive in our collaborative, team-based environment.

Minimum requirements are a completed bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and completion of two years of full-time work experience.

A bachelor's degree is required. International candidates must have a college-level education equivalent to an American undergraduate or baccalaureate degree (the same as a first university degree). This is typically a four-year degree.

No. The GMAT or GRE is not required for our Graduate Certificate program.

Yes. Certificate program credits may be applied to the specific degree program and serve as credits towards degree completion. The number of credits that are transferable into the degree program is determined by the status of the certificate completion.

Please note that some certificates correspond to specific degree programs. This designation is noted on the certificate curriculum page. 

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