At Carlson School's 1st Tuesday luncheon series last month, Bill George, former chairman and CEO of Medtronic, shared the concept of "Global Intelligence" and how integral it is to successful leadership in our ever changing and increasingly global economy. He described seven characteristics or qualities that differentiate successful leaders:

Worldview -- understanding interactions and dynamics between geographies and the ability to adapt to changing contexts
Self-awareness -- the ability to understand yourself in a different context while avoiding dominant paradigms
Empathy-- the ability to identify with another's feelings
Cultural curiosity-- an openness to exploring new cultures and geographies, without fear or prejudice
Alignment -- ensuring all employees are aligned with a company's mission and values regardless of its geographic location
Collaboration -- creating a spirit of collaboration across physical and cultural spans
Capacity for integration -- the significance of integrating complex local and global needs and opportunities into the corporate strategy

The following issue of our Going Global newsletter demonstrates how the Carlson Global Institute works with various stakeholders -- students, faculty, alumni, corporate and organizational leaders, and other friends of the Carlson School -- to enhance our global intelligence -- global competence -- global mindfulness -- so that we are evolving as more effective, adaptive, and successful global leaders.

One article describes how a student's overseas experience over a year ago continues to impact her in her work today. Another highlights the research that Carlson School Associate Professor Mary Zellmer-Bruhn is conducting related to effective cross-cultural teams. And if you enjoy this newsletter and would like to connect with other leaders who are interested in and/or work in global business and management, read how you can join our Carlson Global LinkedIn group, a newly created subgroup of the Carlson School LinkedIn group that launched in September.

We hope this issue encourages you to take time out of your busy day and ask yourself -- how globally mindful and engaged are you?


Michael J. Houston                                                                                          Anne M. D'Angelo
Associate Dean, Global Initiatives                                                                       Assistant Dean, Global Initiatives