Research in Marketing

Discovering Answers to Tomorrow's Marketing Questions

That's what the marketing faculty at the Carlson School do. Their research and scholarship ultimately influence business strategy, shape public policy, and inform what students are taught in the classroom.

The Institute for Research in Marketing is the engine that links sophisticated research to practical problems facing managers. The Institute conducts forward-thinking forums for business professionals, policy makers, and students; commissions white papers; and engages the media to disseminate new research findings world-wide. Our forward approach, which marries rigor and relevance, is greatly enhanced by our advisory board. This collection of industry leaders interacts with our marketing faculty to provide a context to important theoretical research.

As part of one of the leading public research land grant universities in the country, Carlson School marketing faculty are continually contributing new and illuminating research that is published in top academic journals, cited by academic peers, and acted upon by practitioners around the world.

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