Deluxe E-ternship Program - Entrepreneurs

Semester Part-time Paid Internships with Talented UMN Students

The Deluxe E-ternship Program connects early-stage companies and undergraduate students in mutually beneficial collaboration on cross-functional projects. This program provides companies access to new minds and resources through these students, while also providing students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience working on a high-potential entrepreneurial team. Projects can range from market research to evaluation of new products/services/markets to business planning to support the launch of a new venture.


Program Goals


  • Test students' interest and capability in an  early-stage innovative venture
  • Support students in gaining first-hand exposure to an entrepreneur as they build their business
  • Apply student’s entrepreneurship coursework in a real-world environment 


  • Provide early-stage companies with student resources 
  • Encourage mentorship opportunities and experience in bringing on new team members
  • Support the overall growth of the Twin Cities Entrepreneurial community by providing resources and expertise



Companies must have cross-functional projects available. These projects can range from market research to evaluation of new products, services, or markets to business planning to support the launch of a new venture. 

Commitment to hosting a student intern through the course of the Deluxe E-ternship Program, providing at least 10-15 hours/week worth of work over the length of the semester.

Financial commitment to jointly funding the student intern at a rate of $15/hour for 10-15 hours/week- shared cost with Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship.

The Deluxe E-ternship program is only offered in the Fall and Spring semesters (September - May).

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Submit Internship Opportunity

  • Entrepreneurs may submit their company’s internship opportunity HERE
  • Include information about your company’s culture, work environment, team, and the work an intern would be taking on. You may submit multiple opportunities if you have them.
  • To help us create the best match, please be specific about any skills or proficiencies an intern may need to succeed at your company and within the specific project.

Next Steps Meeting

  • All companies and students will attend a “Next Steps Meeting” where we will discuss the overall program, student pairing process, hiring information, and invite companies to introduce themselves in a two-minute pitch.
  • Attendance is optional, and companies that cannot attend have the opportunity to submit a video version of their pitch for students to view. 
  • Time will be allocated for networking as an opportunity for students and companies to connect prior to matching.

Pairing Students with Startup Company

  • Companies and students will be notified by the program coordinator of their pairings shortly after the Next Steps Meeting.
  • The pairing will be based on needs for the internship as identified by companies in the submission form, students’ experience/skill sets, and the student’s top 5 identified preferred internships. This process focuses on finding matching high-quality interns whose skillsets will best fit your company and project.


Hiring Process

Students will be hired by the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, and paired with external companies for the semester. This process allows for the Deluxe E-ternship to be available for both international and non-international Twin Cities undergraduate students.

All HR requirements will be facilitated by the program coordinator and students will submit hours through the University of Minnesota HR system. Companies may request timesheet reports.

The internship will be jointly funded by the participating entrepreneurial company and the Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship. The commitment of $15.00/hour is split between the company and Holmes Center for up to 165 hours. Companies will be billed by the Holmes Center for their portion of the wages at the end of the semester. Any hours worked over 165 will be billed to the company at full compensation. 


Spring 2023 Semester Schedule

  • Applications Open: Monday, October 31st
  • Applications Close: Monday, November 21st
  • Selected Students Notified: Wednesday, November 23rd
  • Kick-Off Meeting: Friday, December 2nd
  • Company Preferences Due: Monday, December 5th
  • Matches Finalized: Friday, December 9th



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