Herman LibraryThe Georgianna E. Herman Library is a reference library created by the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies for the HRIR program. We specialize in human resources management and labor relations. The library is used by HRIR students, faculty, alumni, and the professional community, as well as by the general public. While the Herman Library is open to anyone, only CHRLS faculty and graduate students have borrowing privileges.

The Herman Library collection includes labor union newspapers, newsletters, working papers, court cases, arbitration awards, federal and state law, theses, reporting services, and miscellaneous pamphlet materials. The library also maintains print subscriptions to more than 100 professional and trade journals.

These materials cover a wide range of human resources and labor relations topics, including recruitment, training, compensation, job satisfaction, motivation, stress, drug testing, strategic management, staffing, effects of technological change, mergers, diversity, labor relations, leadership, unions, organizational behavior, absenteeism, and turnover.

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