Centerpoint Newsletter March 2019

Greetings from your CHRLS Alumni Association Board of Directors!
My name is Leo Cardoso and I currently serve as the chair of the Alumni Engagement Committee on the CHRLS Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.

One of the greatest privileges I have had since joining the Board a few months ago is getting to know fellow alumni from a variety of graduating classes. Each has gone on a different journey since leaving the Carlson School: some joined non-profits, others work for Fortune 500 companies; some stayed in Minnesota, where they continue to brave never-ending winters, while others moved to Arizona, where you can still wear flip-flops during winter; still others got married, or had children, or moved to China, or opened their own business, or retired… you get my point.

Regardless of the background that a new student brings on day one of orientation, or the path that same person decides to take following graduation, the MA-HRIR program has always thrived in its ability to engage and connect people across time, culture and distance!

That type of engagement and connection is often at the very core of what we do in HR. On our Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, that is no different, and that is why the Alumni Engagement Committee was created in 2017.

Whether you graduated decades ago or you started your studies last semester, our goal as the Alumni Engagement Committee is to connect you with one another and with the great university that houses the MA-HRIR program. By enriching those connections, we hope to create an even more vibrant alumni community, providing growth and development opportunities to our members.

As we continue to develop our Committee’s vision, we have done our best to listen to you - we have expanded our presence on LinkedIn and reached out to alumni as they graduated or celebrated anniversary milestones. However, we know our work is not done!

As my fellow board members shared in previous updates, we welcome your feedback at It is only through the engagement and participation of our members that we can create truly meaningful opportunities for our alumni.

If you have any ideas on what we could do, or if you are just interested in hearing more, please reach out. Each of us on the Board is looking forward to getting to know you!

One last thought: the HR Tomorrow Conference is just around the corner and it’s shaping up to be an outstanding conference. I personally can’t wait to hear Laurie Marsh, Peter Navin and all the other great speakers who will be joining us that day. If you are attending, please plan on sticking around for the afternoon reception and saying hello. All of us on the Alumni Board can’t wait to see you!

Leo Cardoso, ‘12
Alumni Engagement Committee Chair

2019 HR Tomorrow

40 Years of Uniting HR Professionals!
This year’s HR Tomorrow Conference celebrates the 40th annual offering of our premier professional development event. Over the past 40 years, the conference has evolved and represented HR professionals’ interests and the issues we work to address. Thousands of people have united in one place over the years to better their workplaces—together. This conference grows as we do and represents our best in cooperation and curiosity. Take a look back at some fun facts about the history of this event.
Distance No Obstacle to Staying Engaged, Learning from Peers
When they graduated from the MA-HRIR program in 2006, a group of ten alumnae probably had no idea that 13 years later they’d be in regular contact with each other, across thousands of miles, several time zones, and countless professional experiences! But that’s exactly what’s happened for Laura Blomberg, Allison Cohn, Amy Dayal, Colleen Doherty, Galia Eckstein, Andrea Johnson, Tina Liu, Maureen Losinski, Vickie Maurer, and Sesil Pir. Read more about their global learning forum.

Strategic Workforce Planning - HCI Model

Driven. The Campaign for the Carlson School

Paying it Forward Today to Support the HR Leaders of Tomorrow

Joe Mucha Headshot

Joe Mucha is a firm believer in giving back. Over the course of his distinguished career in human resources, he has not only mentored and supported countless HR professionals along their career paths, but he’s embodied the ideal of paying it forward by creating not one, but two, endowed fellowships in support of the MA-HRIR program at the University of Minnesota. We asked Joe to share more about his professional journey and what led to his generous establishment of these two fellowships.

Alynda Her Case Comp

Congratulations to second-year MA-HRIR student Alynda Her (third from right), who took home the “Best Q&A” Award at the OSU Invitational Case Competition hosted by The Ohio State University in February. Also pictured is Erich Brown, ’13 MA-HRIR (second from right); he and the others pictured served as judges for the competition.

John Budd Headshot

Collective Bargaining Brought to Life by Budd’s Simulation

In his more than 25-year teaching career at the Carlson School of Management, Professor John Budd has introduced hundreds of students to the principles of labor relations and collective bargaining. In these courses, he says, “it’s common to have a collective bargaining simulation in which students are broken into union and management teams for a scenario in which an existing union contract is expiring, and they need to negotiate a new one.” Unhappy with the available written simulations available at the time, in 1992 Budd created his own simulation based on a fictitious local hotel, delivered to students at first through “a thick, printed packet,” and then, beginning in 1999, through an online simulation which he has been using, sharing, and updating ever since.


Why Wives are More Likely to Say 'I Do' to Relocation

Researchers have long believed that dual-career couples are more likely to relocate in favor of the husband’s career, which stifles the wife’s earning power, and widens the disparity between men and women’s pay. But a study by Assistant Professor Alan Benson suggests that all factors being equal, families are no less likely to relocate for the wife than they are for the husband’s career.

Each issue of Centerpoint highlights a member of our alumni community, a current student, and a member of our staff and faculty. Learn more about alumnus Johnny Liang, second-year MA-HRIR student Nayla Sater, and CHRLS staff member Beth Bayley.

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  •     Donald Bauer, ’58, passed away in February 2019
  •     Katlyn Cooper, ’10, is an HR business partner at The Emily Program
  •     Sukie Ewald, ’08, is PMO director, North America supply chain at Nike
  •     Jing Liao, ‘97, is managing director, talent at Vista Equity Partners
  •     Brandon Lukach, ’04, is director of recruiting at Drip
  •     Eric Miller, ’12, is director of HR at American Woodwork
  •     Yogita Naik, ’02, is managing director: HRBP practice lead at AXA Equitable
  •     Rachel Usher, ’10, is a senior HR manager at Target