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Disruptive Innovation

How to leapfrog the competition.

About This Program

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Disruptive innovation has wreaked havoc on the profitability models of industry after industry.  Executives, focused on fine-tuning their business models, often haven’t seen the threats approaching before their business landscapes are suddenly and permanently changed. Data and the increased development of technology have accelerated the rate of these massive changes. No industry, no matter how seemingly cozy it appears today, is immune from competitors looking to grab share through disruptive innovation.

Virtually all businesses are facing some form of disruption and it is vital now more than ever that executives understand the underlying patterns of disruption, how to spot them, and what you can do about them. This course will enable executives in Marketing, General Management, R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, HR, and Finance to get a firm grasp of what disruptive innovation is, as well as how to spot potential threats and opportunities in their own business. Participants will acquire knowledge and practice tools for developing disruptive innovation solutions and new business models in their organizations.

This course is taught through case studies, balancing lecture with hands-on mini-workshops. Our faculty, Mr. Hari Nair, has over 25 years of operational experience applying innovation approaches across multiple sectors and markets. Hari was a partner at Innosight, a firm founded by Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School, who is widely regarded as the leading authority for Disruptive Innovation. Hari teaches on the topic of disruptive innovation for executive education programs across the world.

Note: This course is complementary to Carlson Executive Education’s Leading Innovation course.  



Mid-Level and Senior Leaders of all functions and sectors who face business challenges related to technology or business model disruption.


Key Benefits

In this cutting-edge, interactive course, leaders will:

  • Understand the forces of disruption that could impact their business and see how to spot them early
  • Uncover the a new approach for customer centricity to spot and shape new opportunities by applying the jobs to be done framework
  • Learn, through practical examples, how to leverage new business models and potential application for their companies
  • Get hands on experience using the disruptive innovation toolkit

Program Details
Cost: $3200.00
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Disruptive Innovation: How to Spot Disruption and What to Do About It

Disruptive innovation has wrought havoc on the profitability models of industry after industry. In this 20-minute webinar, Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow Hari Nair introduces how to detect disruption in your industry early on, and steps you can take to make disruption work for you.

 I greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend this session. The presented materials and the resulting group discussions really challenged my thinking in a very positive way. Not only did we discuss models to use but also the cultural needs and impact within our organization. Overall, this was an excellent experience. I highly recommend to anyone looking to innovate more effectively.  

– Mark Applequist, Product Development Director, Johnstech International

This course provided great information on what to expect with disruptive innovation, as well as real-world examples about companies and innovation attempts that weren't successful and why.

– Karen Busack, Director-Office of Clinical Innovation Optum

Additional Details


Day 1

Day 2


Introduction to Disruption - The Forces at Play

Applying Disruptive Solution Frameworks

Developing New Business Models


Customer Centricity - Jobs to be Done

Developing Disruptive Solutions

Test and Learn - How to Iterate in the Market

Building the Right Culture - Implementing Change

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Hari Nair
Distinguished Member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network
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