Creating and Executing Strategy

Strategy & Innovation
Carlson School of Management

Learn how to develop a sound strategy and foster its implementation throughout your organization.


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    Tuesday - Thursday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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  • It is a truism that disruption is the only constant in today’s world. It is precisely to navigate such a world that a deep understanding of strategy becomes invaluable. This program will provide you with the concepts and tools to imagine and realize a resoundingly more successful future for your company.

    Aks Zaheer
    Professor, Creating and Executing Strategy




To truly make an impact in an organization, a leader must be able to develop and execute strategy.  However, in today’s dynamic marketplace, this is not an easy task. While facing highly complex organizations, competitive-global markets, and demanding stakeholders, leaders are under constant pressure to increase shareholder value.

Creating and Executing Strategy explores what it takes to think and act strategically. You’ll learn to identify where disruption may occur as well as analyze your strategic position in the marketplace. You’ll explore how to create a strategy and how to link this strategy to your goals. Finally, you’ll discover how to successfully implement your strategy, including incorporating the critical role of organizational culture.


Day 1

  • Sources of digital disruption
  • Online platforms and multi-sided markets
  • Managing online platforms
  • Market forces underlying industry profitability and company performance
  • Industry evolution and optimal responses for growth

Day 2

  • Creating strategy
  • Goals of a good business strategy
  • Digital disruption’s effect on strategy
  • Corporate culture and strategy 

Day 3

  • The strategic execution process
  • Getting alignment for the proposed strategic changes
  • Why resistance to change implementation is often rational and how to overcome it



Creating and Executing Strategy is designed for mid- to senior-level leaders who are responsible for strategy creation and/or execution.



  • Explore the sources of digital disruption in today’s contemporary business environment
  • Learn how to conduct a competitive analysis that includes market entry, pricing, and capacity to expand
  • Discover how to make better corporate strategy decisions regarding vertical integration, horizontal integration, and geographic expansion
  • Understand the essentials of strategy, including goals and how to achieve them
  • Identify the link between culture and strategy
  • Discuss how and why corporate culture may need to change in response to a new strategy
  • Learn how to be a strategic leader throughout the strategic execution process
  • Discover how to align the organization to support desired changes
  • Understand why poor communication is often cited as a cause of poor execution performance and explore ways to overcome this problem
  • Learn why resistance to an implementation effort is often rational and what you can do to address this resistance
  • Explore tools and frameworks for keeping an execution effort on track