The Carlson Funds Enterprise (CFE) allows MBA and undergraduate finance students the opportunity to manage approximately $35 million of real investment money. Guided by two professional directors and two academic advisors, student participants take total control of the money management process. Not only does the program allow students to learn about real-word investment management, but participants are able to earn competitive returns as well.

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    Meet the Analysts

    The Funds Enterprise is comprised of 24 MBA and undergraduate students, all with diverse strengths and backgrounds.

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    Carlson Funds Enterprise Prerequisites

    Students interested in joining the Funds Enterprise should review recommended and required classes prior to applying so that they are fully informed and prepared.

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    Fellowship Fund

    The Fellowship Fund allows the Funds Enterprise to attract and recruit high-caliber students by providing 2-3 partial scholarships to MBA students accepted to the Carlson School.

  • CFA Partnership

    In 2009, the Carlson School became one of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute's Program Partners. The CFE is proud to be a Program Partner and is fortunate to be able to collaborate with the CFA's local MN chapter on events, speakers, and exam prep courses.