My project was an mergers and acquisitions strategy project helping our client look for partners to merge with to increase scale and profitability. The client’s industry was new to most of us on the team. Despite starting at level zero, we were able to successfully break down a complex strategic problem in a short span of time and come up with actionable recommendations for the client. Looking back, I am extremely happy with the ground we covered and the thorough analysis we did. The best part about the Carlson Consulting Enterprise is the steep learning curve: I got to learn a lot about not only the client’s industry and M&A, but also how to work within a team efficiently.

A key takeaway for me  has been how to approach business problems in a systematic, thorough manner and take the problem to a logical conclusion. My Consulting Enterprise experience has also taught me how to communicate my analyses and those conclusions better, in a way that is both structured and easily consumable by the client. I plan to leverage these learnings heavily in my internship and career.

I will be interning at Deloitte in the summer in their Technology Consulting division.