Business in Dublin - Semester

Joint Study Center Program with the Learning Abroad Center

Program Dates:

Fall 2024: 

Applications open: December 1, 2023

Application deadline: May 15, 2024

Program dates: September 5 - December 14, 2024


Spring 2025:

Applications open: May 1, 2024 

Application deadline: October 1, 2024*

Program dates: January 11 - April 20, 2025


*Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.



Offered in partnership with the Learning Abroad Center, this program gives you the opportunity to explore business through an Irish lens, take classes from local experts, and participate in an optional credit-bearing internship. 



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A bridge over a river in Dublin
A picture containing painting, mural, street art, art in Ireland
A fish & chips building situated in the hills of Ireland
A group of people walking on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean in Ireland
A group of people walking down a street in Dublin
A cluster of buildings in Dublin
Dunguaire Castle near Kinvarra (Ireland)
Celtic crosses that adorn the gravestones in Ireland
A group of people embracing on a beach in Ireland
A bridge over a river in Dublin
A picture containing painting, mural, street art, art in Ireland
A fish & chips building situated in the hills of Ireland
A group of people walking on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean in Ireland
A group of people walking down a street in Dublin
A cluster of buildings in Dublin
Dunguaire Castle near Kinvarra (Ireland)
Celtic crosses that adorn the gravestones in Ireland
A group of people embracing on a beach in Ireland

Program Details

    Once a Viking settlement, and with most of its architecture dating to the 18th Century, Dublin is a city rich with history and culture. Now, Dublin is known as one of Europe's most youthful cities, with more than 40% of its population under the age of 30. It is also home to several European headquarters for businesses such as Google, Facebook and many other startups. The mix of rich traditions and youthful energy comes alive through music, theatre, and sports.

    The Business in Dublin program offers courses that allow you to stay on track with your business degree. Through courses taught by local professors, and the opportunity to do an internship, you will connect with the city and the culture in a very tangible way.

    Students will live in shared student apartments in central Dublin with other program participants. Apartments will house up to six students and include shared bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry. Meals are not included, but each apartment has a full kitchen as well as numerous pubs and cafés within a short walk.

    The Business in Dublin program is offered in partnership with CEA CAPA Education Abroad. Students participating in this program attend classes at the CEA CAPA Study Center, located in the heart of Dublin. This program offers courses in a wide variety of course topics, complemented by tours in and around the city. Classes are taught by Irish faculty, and are designed specifically for US students. Fellow classmates will be other students on the program.

    CEA CAPA staff provide housing, classrooms, study areas, an orientation, excursions, and social and cultural events.



    • DBLN 3016: International Marketing - 3 UMN credits
      • approved for MKTG elective, IB Foundations
    • DBLN 3017: International Economics - 3 UMN credits 
      • approved for FINA 4621, IB Foundations
    • DBLN 3019: Ethics in Media - 3 UMN credits
      • approved for IB Depths
    • DBLN 3021: International Business - 3 UMN credits 
      • offered Spring semester only
      • approved for IB Breadth (IB minors only.  Does not fulfill any requirements for IB co-majors)
    • DBLN 3375: Global Internship course - 3 or 6 UMN credits 
      • beginning Spring 2025, UMN students will no longer be able to participate in the 6-credit internship option
    • NEW for 2024-2025! The Business of Social Media - 3 UMN credits
      • Carlson equivalencies TBD
    • NEW for 2024-2025! International Finance - 3 UMN credits
      • Carlson equivalencies TBD
    • Non-business courses: To see a full list of courses (including non-business courses, and courses approved for liberal education requirements) see the Learning Abroad Center "Study Abroad in Dublin" website.



    • Students are required to enroll in at least 12 UMN credits total
    • All grades listed as A/F on official UMN transcript


    Note: starting Fall 2024, students interested in taking courses at University College Dublin should apply for the University Study in Ireland program through the Learning Abroad Center

    Students on this program have the option to participate in a credit-bearing internship experience. An internship abroad is a great way to not only gain professional experience, but to experience workplace culture from an international perspective. It’s also a great opportunity to meet locals! 

    Internship placements are available in a variety of fields. Rather than applying for particular internship openings abroad, students on this program submit additional internship application materials to our partner, CEA CAPA Education Abroad. CEA CAPA then works with local organizations and companies to find a suitable placement. Students are notified of their internship placements prior to departure.


    Applying for an Internship

    Within the CEA CAPA application, students will indicate that they would like to participate in an internship. Students will provide CEA CAPA with the required application materials and give them their top three areas of interest for potential placements. Students are encouraged to speak to CEA CAPA directly or work with their academic advisers to determine their three choices. CEA CAPA uses this information to find a placement. Students are informed of their placement two weeks prior to departure. Utilize CEA CAPA’s internship application guide.


    Internship Eligibility Requirements

    • Second-semester sophomore, junior, or senior status


    Academic Credit

    Alongside the internship, students will partake in a 3-credit internship course. The syllabus for the course can be found here.

    Beginning Summer 2025, the 6-credit internship is no longer an option for UMN students.


    Internship Placements

    See sample internship placements for an idea of what students might expect for a placement. Past internships have been in the fields listed below, but this is not a complete list. If you do not see the field you are interested in, inquire with your program advisor about the possibility of doing an internship in that field.

    • Administration
    • Advocacy
    • Business
    • Communications
    • Community Engagement
    • Charities
    • Environment
    • Fashion
    • Fundraising
    • Finance (General)
    • HR
    • IT
    • Language and Translation
    • Marketing
    • Non-Profit
    • Public Relations
    • Recruitment
    • Retail
    • Real Estate
    • Social Media
    • Sales
    • Minimum 2.5 GPA (students with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 - see additional information below) 
    • Sophomore, junior, or senior status
    • Students must meet prerequisites for the courses they want to take. Students should plan closely with their academic advisers prior to participating in a semester or summer abroad program to best prepare for remaining major(s) and graduation requirements. 
    • Optional Internship: Strict requirement of at least second-semester sophomore status.

    Supplemental materials to be submitted to CEA CAPA if below GPA requirement: 2.0 - 2.5 GPA

    • Personal Statement addressing their GPA, any extenuating circumstance surrounding it, and why they feel that they are nonetheless equipped for academic success on the program (REQUIRED)

    • UMN transcript that offers greater detail on the trajectory of the student’s grades and the subject areas that might have posed greater challenges to the student (REQUIRED)

    • Recommendation from an academic or other advisor who support that’s students application and their ability to succeed on the program (RECOMMENDED)

    Students traveling on a US passport do not need to apply for a visa prior to departure. Once abroad, students will need to apply for a residence permit.

    At the residence permit appointment with the immigration officials, you will need to provide the following materials:

    • Your program acceptance letter
    • Around 300 euro, paid by credit or debit card. Cash is NOT accepted.
    • Proof of insurance - your CISI insurance card will be emailed to you a few weeks before you depart for Dublin
    • Financial Statement Form – If you are supporting yourself, note that on the Financial Statement form and bring a copy of your bank statement with you. Your bank statement has to show the equivalent of 3000 euro. If your parents are supporting you, please have them fill out the Financial Statement Form, and have it notarized. 

    Non-US citizens should check to see if a visa is required for entry into Ireland. If so, we can provide acceptance letters or other documentation you may need.


    Students must use their UMN email address when creating their application account. Students will be charged a $50 application fee. Applications will be reviewed and students will be informed of their status within two weeks of completing their application. 

    Part of the application requires submissions of an essay addressing the following questions. The total essay cannot exceed 500 words in total.

    1. Why did you select this particular program and how does it suit your academic, career, and personal goals? 
    2. What do you think you might find challenging about studying abroad and how do you think you will meet those challenges? 

Cost Estimate (Summary)

Carlson Students on this program are billed through their University of Minnesota student account by the Learning Abroad Center.

Fall 2024

Spring 2024 - Spring 2025 fees forthcoming


Cancellation Policy:

Participants on this program are held to the Learning Abroad Center cancellation policy, as outlined under "Learning Abroad Center and Affiliate Programs 30 days or more in length" here.


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