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Undergraduate Program

Hanson Hall, Suite 2-190
1925 Fourth Street South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-624-3313
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Undergraduate Business Career Center

Hanson Hall, Suite 2-180
1925 Fourth Street South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-624-0011
Fax: 612-625-8840

Interested in applying to the Carlson School?


Prospective Freshmen Students

Prospective Transfer Students

Please contact the Office of Admissions with questions you may have about your application or other admissions-related information. If you are interested in visiting campus, you can register online at least one week in advance.


Contact Office of Admissions

Please attend one of our Transfer Admissions Information Sessions for all questions and transfer credit-related situations. If you have already attended a Transfer Admissions Information Session and still have questions, please email


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Undergraduate Program Staff

Therese Austin's Headhshot

Therese Austin

Assistant Area Administrator









Jessica Himmerick's headshot

Jessica Himmerick

Chief of Staff






Raj Singh portrait

Raj Singh

Associate Dean






Tara Dillon Headshot

Tara Dillon

Career Coach







Kathleen Fink

Kathleen Fink

Associate Director, Employer Engagement








Ablavi Epou

Ablavi Handziak

Employer Engagement Associate








Lydia Holzbach

Front Desk Manager







Nancy Mathisen

Nancy Mathisen

Employer Engagement Associate







Lisa Novack

Lisa Novack

Associate Director, UBCC Student Services









Mark Sorenson-Wagner's headshot

Mark Sorenson-Wagner

Director, Undergraduate Business Career Center








Xiaoji Zhang's Headshot

Xiaoji Zhang

Career Coach

Brooke Arnold

Brooke Arnold

Assistant Director, Academic Advising








Jontue Austin's Headshot

Jontue Austin

Academic Advisor








Chelsie Bohlman

Chelsie Bohlman

Academic Advisor








Kathy Evenson-McDermott

Kathy Evenson-McDermott

Academic Advisor








Lindsay Gundecha's Headshot

Lindsay Gundecha

Academic Advisor







Anny Lin's Headshot

Anny Lin

Academic Advisor








Frankie Massaroni

Frankie Massaroni

Academic Advisor








Jan O'Brien's Headshot

Jan O’Brien

Director, Advising Services







Laura Rasmussen's Headshot

Laura Rasmussen

Academic Advisor








Matt Sawyer's Headshot

Matt Sawyer

Academic Advisor








Chinh Truong

Academic Advisor


Eric Ly's Headshot

Eric Ly

Transfer Enrollment Specialist







Kim Reed's Headshot

Kim Reed

Assistant Director of Enrollment & Scholarships








Emma Somers' Headshot

Emma Somers

Enrollment Administrative Specialist

Katie Selby's headshot

Katie Selby

Director, Student Engagement








Shontel Smith's headshot

Shontel Smith







Sarah Wojnicki's Headshot

Sarah Wojnicki

Student Engagement Coordinator

Angela Murray's Headshot

Angie Murray

Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives








Allyson Trochez's headshot

Allyson Trochez

Director, Diversity Initiatives

Donna K headshot

Donna Kulakowski


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