Tommy DeMarco

Day in the Life of Tommy DeMarco

About Tommy

Tommy DeMarco, BSB2011, graduated with triple majors -- studying International Business, Spanish Studies and Nonprofit Management.

He currently works for the CIEE Service-Learning Study Abroad Program in Santiago, Dominican Republic, as an Alumni Intern, and is looking forward to an upcoming promotion to Intern Coordinator.

Tommy in Santiago

6:00 AM

Tommy wakes up to work out on the roof of his apartment building. From his roof, he can watch the sun rising over the entire city of Santiago. It's a beautiful vista nestled between the mountains of the fertile Cibao valley.

8:00 AM

He hops in a concho (public transportation car) to go to the local university where his small office is located. After checking in with staff, he prepares his notes for a reflection that he will lead from a recent excursion to the country's first organic agricultural school.

10:00 AM

Tommy attends a Poverty and Development class for which he is a teacher's assistant (TA), and leads a discussion on the topic of sustainable development in a rural vs. an urban context.

Classroom from an after-school education program

2:00 PM

Tommy heads out to observe one of his community sights called Ninos con una Esperanza (Children with One Hope), an after-school education program which rescues kids from working in the dangerous, unregulated landfill and helps them continue their studies. 

4:00 PM

He meets with the directors of the program to discuss the plans and budget for another project they are starting in the community (a recycling center). This organization received a grant for the project through CIEE.


Exploring a Caribbean island

6:00 PM

Tommy returns to his apartment and home office, where he discusses the day's visits with his team and records student progress for a community update report (that serves as a record for both professors and future interns).

8:00 PM

He cooks dinner with his roommates, relaxes, and plays dominoes (a national sport) on the patio under the stars. It has been a long but rewarding day of work with his students making great strides in community development. He can't help but smile as he thinks, "Most people dream of living on a Caribbean island, and this is my life. How could it get better than this?"