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For-Profit, Public and Non-Profit entities confront many of the same challenges - and students pursuing Public/Non-Profit Management Majors at the Carlson School of Management are uniquely prepared to respond to the needs of each sector.

Our students develop skills that enable them to help organizations:

  • Design life-changing products that are affordable and self-sustainable 
  • Create marketing campaigns that inspire communities to support those in need
  • Devise supply chains that most economically distribute critical services
  • Optimize the deployment of human capital and financial resources.

How is this possible? Unlike many nonprofit programs across the US, our Public/Non-Profit Management majors are required to complete a double business major. Each student must master major coursework in Finance, Marketing, MIS, HR or other functional area in addition to their specialized coursework in Public/Nonprofit Management. 

Capstone Project 

Students in the Public and Nonprofit Management program complete a capstone seminar during their senior year. The focus of this seminar is on the sector of the economy that provides goods and services with motivation other than generating profits for investors. The seminar employs readings, cases and guest speakers, but also an in-depth field experience with a local nonprofit organization. 

Field experience includes:

  • Complete a business model canvas and memo describing the project
  • Perform and submit individual primary and secondary market research
  • Present final recommendations to nonprofit 

Current capstone project organizations:

  • Genesys Works - not-for-profit organization that enables inner-city high school students to join their program during the summer prior to their senior year and, after eight intensive weeks of training, are assigned to work at a local business, part-time, during their senior year. Nonprofit students will be working to engage student voices to improve the program. 
  • Minnesota Children's Museum - a community education institution committed to sparking children's learning through play. Grownups and children from infants to 10 years find a "smart play" environment that challenges children in a fun way and helps them achieve important learning milestones. Capstone students will work with the museum to sell their "smart play spots" to organizations, such as a mall. 
  • Students Today Leaders Forever - a group of students who engage in servant leadership to create positive life experiences. Their mission is to reveal leadership through service relationships and action. Students will work to expand access to this program. 
  • Mid Continental Oceanographic Institute - a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills and homework, emphasizing cross-curriculum. 

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American Cancer Society -- USA
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Tommy DeMarco, BSB 2011
CIEE -- Dominican Republic 
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Elizabeth Guest, BSB 2012
Land O'Lakes, Inc.-- USA 
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