PhD Program Newsletter

Alumni News

Our alumni continue to distinguish themselves. If you have recently been promoted, received honors or awards or have other news, please email We would love to hear from you!  A few of our alumni’s recent accomplishments are:

Ron Weber, IDSc, PhD 1977, was inducted into the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame in 2018.

Tor Guimaraes, IDSc, PhD 1981, received the Caplenor Research Award for 2019.

James McKeen, IDSc, PhD 1981, was appointed the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Empire Life in 2018.

Mansour Javidan, SME, PhD 1983, is the Garvin distinguished Professor of Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He was named Project Director for the GLOBE 2020 research program. 

Philip Evers, Mktg, PhD 1993, was appointed Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs at Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, in 2019.

Don Vandewalle, SME, PhD 1995, received the 2018 Outstanding MBA Teaching Award at Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University. 

Diane Matson, Acct, PhD 1997, was given the teaching award for the Opus College of Business for 2018-19.

Jesper Johansson, IDSc, PhD 1999, has been named Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at GoDaddy, Inc.

Gregory Heim, SCO, PhD 2000, was promoted to full Professor in the Department of Information & Operations Management, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University.

Haresh Sapra, Acct, PhD 2000, was awarded the Hillel J. Einhorn Teaching Excellence Award in the Executive MBA program at Booth as well as serving as senior co-editor of the Journal of Accounting Research

Alina Chircu, IDSc, PhD 2001, was appointed Associate Dean of Business for Graduate Programs at Bentley University in 2019.

Amy Cox, Mktg, PhD 2001, was recently named the Chair of the Economics, Accounting and Business Department at Converse College.

Xiaowen Huang, SCO, PhD 2004, was named the Professor Bill Moeckel Professor in Business at Miami University in 2018. She also earned 2018 Best Paper runner-up by the Journal of Supply Chain Management. 

Ashwani Monga, Mktg, PhD 2004, has been named Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of Rutgers University. 

Ajay Kumar, IDSc, PhD 2007, was appointed Defense Secretary of India in 2019.

Aravind Chandrasekaran, SCO, PhD 2009, was named the Academic Director, Master of Business in Operational Excellence program at Ohio State University in 2018.

Adam Fremeth, SME, PhD 2009, was named the E. J. Kernaghan Chair in Energy Policy at the Ivey Business School, Western University, in 2018. He was also a Fulbright Scholar for 2018-19. 

Pallab Sanyal, IDSc, PhD 2009, was recently named the Director of MBA Programs at George Mason University.

Brent Moritz, SCO, PhD 2010, was on sabbatical from Penn State University as a visiting scholar at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

R. Isil Yavuz, SME, PhD 2011, moved to Bryant University in 2019 where she is an Assistant Professor and the Entrepreneurship Area Coordinator. 

Jinjing Zhang, IDSc, PhD 2012, was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Indiana University in 2019. She was also named to Poets&Quants’ Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors for 2018.

Nelson Amaral, Mktg, PhD 2013, recently joined the faculty at Ontario Tech University as an Assistant Professor.

Huijun Wang, Fina, PhD 2013, joined the faculty at the University of Melbourne as an Associate Professor.

Patricia Dahm, WOrg, PhD 2015, received the Best Paper Award, Organizational Behavior Division, Academy of Management in 2019.

Cameron Miller, SME, PhD 2017, received the Outstanding Reviewer Award, AOM Perspectives, 2019; the Distinguished Paper Award, Strategic Management Division, AOM, 2018; was a Wiley Blackwell Best Dissertation Award Finalist, Strategic Management Division, AOM, 2018; Outstanding Reviewer, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2018; Best Reviewer, Knowledge and Innovation Group, Strategic Management Society, 2018.

Mochen Yang, IDSc, PhD 2018, joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota in 2019. He also received the INFORMS Information Systems Society Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award for 2018.


Alumni Highlights

This year we feature two alumni who have since returned to the Carlson School as faculty.

Xiaoji Lin

Xiaoji Lin, PhD in Finance (2008) – Associate Professor of Finance, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

After earning his PhD in Finance from the Carlson School in 2008, Xiaoji’s initial placement was at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2011 he was hired at the Ohio State University, where he was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor in 2018. In 2018 he returned to the Carlson School as an associate professor in the Department of Finance.

Xiaoji’s research investigates the connections between asset prices and the macroeconomy, an emerging and increasingly prominent field which is often referred to as “macro-finance”. A defining characteristic of Xiaoji’s research is the emphasis on the production side of the economy to understand asset prices. He has published at leading academic journals including American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Monetary Economics, and Review of Financial Studies. His doctoral thesis won the Trefftzs Award for the best student paper at the 2008 Western Finance Association annual meeting.



Haiwen (Helen) Zhang,

Haiwen (Helen) Zhang, PhD in Accounting (2007) – Associate Professor of Accounting, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

After earning her PhD from the Carlson School in 2007, Helen served as a faculty member in the Accounting Department at The Ohio State University and was awarded tenure in 2014. She visited the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a financial economist from 2015 to 2016 and moved back to the Carlson School as an Associate Professor of Accounting in 2018. She is currently serving as the PhD program coordinator of the Accounting department.

Helen is primarily interested in research questions related to financial reporting and disclosure regulations. A first stream of her research examines the impact of the SEC disclosure requirements and monitoring process on firms’ information environment. A second stream focuses on the accounting rules issued by standard setters, specifically, accounting rules related to asset securitization, derivative instruments, fair value measurements, and leases. For example, she has empirically investigated financial reporting under alternative accounting rules and measurement regimes. She is also interested in how disclosure and measurement rules affect market participants’ risk assessment and corporate operating decisions. Her work has been published in many top tier journals. Many of her papers are directly relevant to SEC rule-making and cited by the regulator during the rule-making processes.


Current Students

We currently have 91 PhD students in our program. Below is a portrait of those students and a sampling of their accomplishments over the past year.

On the Job Market

For 2019-20, we have fifteen job market candidates representing seven departments. We believe the market will again be strong, and our students should have many excellent opportunities. We look forward to seeing them all successfully settled for fall 2020. 

On the Market 2019-20


Hui (Eva) Liang (adviser: Helen Zhang)

Jacob Raleigh (adviser: Pervin Shroff)


Yao Deng (adviser: Xiaoji Lin)

Xuelin Li (adviser: Andrew Winton)

Information & Decision Sciences:

Yash Babar (advisers: Yuqing Ren, Gordon Burtch)

Yaqiong Wang (adviser: Gedas Adomavicius)


Yilong Liang (adviser: Tony Cui)

Ruitong Wang (advisers: George John, Yi Zhu)

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Min Jung Kim (advisers: Myles Shaver, Russell Funk) 

Rosa Kim (advisers: Aseem Kaul, Mary Benner)

Supply Chain & Operations:

Amir Karimi (advisers: KK Sinha, Karthik Natarajan)

Work & Organizations

Liz Adair (adviser: Michelle Duffy)

Tianna Barnes (adviser: John Kammeyer-Mueller)

Douglas Giddings (adviser: Theresa Glomb)

Wei Wang (advisers: Michelle Duffy, Elizabeth Campbell)

Student Highlights


Yash Babar is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Information & Decision Sciences. He completed his bachelor's degree in engineering in Computer Science with honors from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.

Yash Babar

Yash’s research examines how, in an increasingly digitized world, individuals interact with each other and technology both online and offline to create value. Specifically, he is interested in understanding how new online services, like app-enabled ride-hailing, interact with offline market incumbents, like public transit services. He is also interested in studying how offline interventions impact online outcomes, for example, how offline meetups can be used to increase engagement in online communities. Besides these works which comprise his dissertation, he also studies the use of costless online social interventions to impact individual behavior. In this space he is working specifically on the use of online social support mechanisms in applications promoting offline healthy behaviors like exercising, and the use of social status comparison mechanisms in online contest platforms. His methodological expertise lies in data engineering and mining, econometrics, and field experimentation.

Yash’s research is under review at different stages in several premier Information Systems’ journals like Information Systems Research and Management Information Systems Quarterly. His work has also appeared in several conference proceedings including the International Conference on Information Systems, Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Academy of Management Annual Meeting and Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems. Yash has received the Carlson Ph.D. Student Teaching award and the Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship. Since 2018, Yash has served as the student organizer of Minnesota’s famed Friday research seminars conducted by the Information & Decision Sciences department.



Min Jung Kim is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship. She earned her bachelor’s and MS degrees from Korea University. 

Min Jung Kim

Her research lies at the intersection of strategy and innovation, focusing on the relationship between the geographic concentration of industry activity and firms’ outcomes in different stages of the technological innovation process: resource acquisition, technology creation, and technology commercialization. In addition, she investigates how differences in firms’ strategic choices or characteristics interact with the geographic concentration of industry activity to create variation in firm outcomes. In her dissertation, she investigates how the geographic concentration of industry activity influences the novelty of firms’ technological innovation. Different from previous studies focusing on cluster size in and of itself, she explores an under-explored phenomenon of the temporal dynamics of industry clusters—namely, the patterns of sustained growth or decline in geographical concentration levels of industry activity.

Min Jung’s dissertation has been recognized with several grants and awards, including the Strategy Research Foundation (SRF) Dissertation Scholarship & Grant by the Strategic Management Society, the Seth/AIB Dissertation Best Proposal Prize and Scholarship by the Academy of International Business, SMS Best Conference Paper Prize Finalist at 2018 SMS Annual Conference, SMS Best Conference PhD Paper Prize Finalist at 2019 SMS Annual Conference, as well as the Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship. A paper developed from her dissertation research, co-authored by Myles Shaver and Russell Funk, is under revise and resubmit at the Strategic Management Journal

Selected Student Honors and Awards 



Jacob Raleigh

Jacob Raleigh: Harvey S. and Rosanne C. Hendrickson PhD Fellowship, Purdy PhD Scholarship, E. Heilman Memorial PhD Fellowship

Juerui Feng: Carl Nelson PhD Fellowship, Accounting Alumni Scholarship

Eva Liang: E. Heilman Memorial PhD Fellowship

Yichang Liu: Harvey S. and Rosanne C. Hendrickson PhD Fellowship

Jacob Ott: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award, Accounting Alumni Scholarship

Xinyuan Shao: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award, Accounting Alumni Scholarship



Xuelin Li

Xuelin Li: 2018-19 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship

Yao Deng: 2018-19 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship

Dan Su: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award

Jincheng Tong: 2018-19 Macro Financial Modeling Group Dissertation Fellowship, the Becker-Friedman Institute, University of Chicago 



Information & Decision Sciences

Sandeep Gangarapu

Sandeep Gangarapu: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award

Scott Schanke: 2018 Best Conference Paper Runner-Up, INFORMS Conference 






Yilong Liang

Yilong Liang: 2018-19 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship

Maria Rodas: 2018 ACR-Sheth Foundation Dissertation Grant in Cross-Cultural Consumer Research

Ruitong Wang: 2018-19 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship




Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Hyoju Jeong

Hyoju Jeong: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award

Min Jung Kim: 2018-19 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship, SMS Best Conference Paper Prize finalist, 2018

Rosa Kim: Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholar Award (2018-20), SMS Best PhD Paper Prize Finalist, 2018

Haram Seo: Finalist, 2019 IACMR-RRBM Responsible Research in Management Award; Distinguished Paper Award, STR Division, 2018 Academy of Management Annual Meeting; Outstanding Paper Award, 2018 Annual Conference, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability; Nominated Best Conference Paper Award, 2018 Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting.


Supply Chain & Operations

Anna Errore

Anna Errore: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award

Amir Karimi: 2018-19 Carlson School Dissertation Fellowship

Dwaipayan Roy: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award, Kristy Cua Doctoral Student Excellence Award and Fellowship 

Vincent Yu: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award


Work & Organizations

Tianna Barnes

Tianna Barnes: 2019 Anne Tsui, PhD “Dare to Care” Award

Ellie Stillwell: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award

Julie Wellmann: 2019 Carlson School PhD Excellence in Teaching Award

Selected Student Publications and Presentations



Xinyuan Shao

  • “Trading with Ads” (with Vivian Fang and Josh Madsen)
    • BYU Accounting Research Symposium (2018)

Yixin (Ethan) Yao

  •  Xi Ji, Yixin Yao, and Xianling Long. “What Causes PM2.5 Pollution? Cross-Economy Empirical Analysis from Socioeconomic Perspective.” Energy Policy 119 (August 1, 2018): 458–72.



Yao Deng

  • “Product Market Competition and the Profitability Premium” 
    • European Finance Association Annual Meeting (2018)
    • Financial Intermediation Research Society Annual Meeting (2019)
    • Midwest Finance Association Annual Meeting (2019)


Information & Decision Sciences

Yash Babar

  •  “Falling from Digital Grace: Participation in Online Coding Contests Following Loss of Status” (with Swanand Deodhar and Gordon Burtch)
    • Conference on Information Systems & Technology (2018)
    • Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (2018)
  •  “Run Forrest Run!: Measuring the Impact of App-Enabled Social Feedback on Running Performance” (with Jason Chang and Ben Choi)
    • International Conference on Information Systems (2018) 
  • “Meeting Over Meat: How do Offline Meets Impact Online Activity in a Hybrid Foodie Community?” (with Yuqing Ren)
    • Academy of Management (2018)

Sandeep Kumar Gangarapu

  •  “A Prescriptive Analytics Framework for Optimal Policy Deployment using Heterogeneous Treatment Effects”
    • Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (2018)
    • Winter Conference on Business Analytics (2019)

Scott Schanke

  • "The Effect of Politeness on Social Media Advertising Compliance: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Conducted on Facebook” 
    • Conference on Information Systems and Technology (2018)

Yaqiong Wang

  •  “From Head to Long Tail: Flexible Recommendation using Cosine Patterns” (with Junjie Wu, Zhiang Wu, Gediminas Adomavicius)
    • Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (2018)
  • “How Bricks Add to Clicks? Understanding the Impact of Showrooming on Online Purchase Behaviors” (with Jason Chan, Kaiquan Xu, Xi Chen)
    • Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (2018)
    • Conference on Information Systems and Technology (2018)



Maria Rodas

  • Rodas, M.A., Ahluwalia, R., and Olson, N. (forthcoming) A Path to More Enduring Happiness: Take a Detour from Specific Emotional Goals. Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • "The Secrecy Effect: Secret Consumption Polarizes Product Evaluations” (with Deborah R. John)
    • Presented at the Association for Consumer Research (2018) 
  • “Generosity without Borders: The Interactive Effect of Spatial Distance and Donation Goals on Charitable Giving” (with Alison J. Xu and Carlos Torelli)
    • Presented at the Association for Consumer Research (2018)

Yuanchen Su

  • “Social Sharing with Competition”
    • INFORMS Marketing Science Conference (2019)
    • MSOM Annual Meeting (2019)

TzuShuo Wang

  • “Shop Cheap and Look Good: A Signaling Framework” with Jennifer Stoner, Barbara Loken, and Sophia Min)
    • Association for Consumer Research (2019)
  • "The Professor X Effect – Do People with Disability Achieve Higher?” (with Jinjie Chen and Alison Xu)
    • Association for Consumer Research (2019)
  • "What Fake News Are Shared by Whom and Why?” (with Hyerin Han, Hyun Euh, and Akshay Rao)
    • Association for Consumer Research (2019)
  • “The Variation of Preference Stability in Decision-Making across Gain and Loss Domains” (with JungKeun Kim, Gina Wang, Akshay Rao, and Raghunath Rao)
    • Association for Consumer Research (2019)
  • “Appreciation of Creativity: Unintended Consequences of Thematic versus Taxonomic Product Organization” (with Alison Jing Xu, Joan Meyers-Levy, and Barbara Loken)
    • Society for Consumer Psychology (2019)
  • “Life History and Perceptions of Risks” (with Cory Fleck, Vlad Griskevicius, and Jeffrey Simpson)
    • Society for Personality and Social Psychology (2019)


Supply Chain & Operations

Kedong Chen

  • “Resilience Investment in Supply Chain Network under Stochastic Disruptions”
    • INFORMS Annual Meeting (2018)
  • “Big data in supply chain and logistics management” (chair of invited session)
    • Decision Science Institute Annual Conference (2018)

Amir Karimi

  • “Evaluating Pull vs. Push Public Health Supply Chains to Manage Commodity Stock-outs: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Senegal”
    • POMS Annual Meeting (2019)
  • “Managing Commodity Stock-outs in Public Health Supply Chains in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis”
    • POMS Annual Meeting (2019)

Yeonjoo Luo

  • "Nudging Green but Slow Shipping Choices in Online Retail" (with Karen Donohue)
    • POMS Annual Conference (2022)
    • INFORMS Annual Conference (2021)
    • Innsbruck Workshop on Behavioural Operations and Supply Chain Management (2021)

Finn Petersen

  • "The Effect of Lifting Mask Mandates on the Development of COVID-19 Cases in Iowa" Petersen, Finn; Errore, Anna; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar (2022)
    • European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) 29th Conference (2022)
    • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Conference (MSOM) (2022) 
    • POMS Annual Conference (2022) 

Dwaipayan Roy

  • “Reducing Wasteful Government Spending: An Empirical Study on Rebaselining in U.S. Federal Government Technology Programs”
    • POMS Annual Meeting (2019)
  • “Set Asides for Small Businesses in Public Sector Procurement: Evidence from U.S. Federal Government R&D Contracts”
    • POMS Annual Meeting (2019)

Gautham Sunder

  • "Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks with Application to Medical Device Manufacturing" 
    • Doctoral Colloquium at the Winter Simulation Conference (2021)

Yi Tang

  • “Advancing equity in the mental healthcare supply chain: Empirical evaluation of a mobile app.”
    • POMS Annual Meeting (2019)

Hanu Tyagi

  • "The Impact of Transparency on Novelty"
    • POMS Annual Conference (2022)
    • INFORMS Annual Conference (2021)

Jingwen Yang

  • “Designing Save and Scalable Precision Medicine Supply Chain: Evaluating the Implementation of Guidelines for Psychiatric Care Delivery”
    • POMS Annual Conference (2019)

Vincent (Junhao) Yu

  • “How supply chain risks influence supplier selection and ordering decisions: A behavioral investigation” 
    • POMS Annual Conference (2019)
    • INFORMS Annual Conference (2018)


Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Rosa Kim

  • “Going private as a solution to public market disagreement: Information asymmetry, R&D investments, and privatization choices”  
    • Strategic Management Society Conference (2018)
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)
  • “Firm innovation strategies and private-to-public outcomes”  
    • Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation (“CCC”) Doctoral Conference (2018)
    • Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Network Conference (2019)

Pyung (Joe) Nahm

  • “Value of Friendship: Understanding Corporate Executive’s Networking Behavior in Terms of Instrumental and Sentimental Dimensions” (with Sun-Hyun Park)
    • Academy of Management Annual Conference (2018)

Paul Nary

  • Kaul, A., Nary, P.M., and Singh, H. (2018) Who Does Private Equity Buy: Evidence on the role of Private Equity from Buyouts of Divested Businesses. Strategic Management Journal, 39(5), 1268-1298

Keith Pennington

  • “Competition and loyalty in expert agents’ third-party relationships: Why mandated disclosure can become a strategic tool instead of enhancing propriety” (with Sunasir Dutta)
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)
  • “It Matters Where People Live: Innovative Collaborations and the Proximity of Inventors’ Residences” (with Myles Shaver)
    • SMS Special Conference (2019)
    • Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference (2019)

Nicholas Poggioli

  • “Extending the Resource-based View to Common-pool Resources”
    • Academy of Management (2018)
  • “Extending the Resource-based View Beyond Private Resources: Firm Performance from Common-Pool Resources”
    • AOM Organization & Management Theory Division: Writing and Reviewing Workshop (2018)
  • “The Shift from Managing Resource Inputs to Governing Resource Systems: Resource Management Coalitions as Corporate Sustainability Strategy”
    • Duck Family Graduate Workshop on Environmental Politics and Governance (2019)

Haram Seo

  • “Giving a Little to Many or a Lot to a Few? The Benefits of Specialization and Variety in Corporate Philanthropy.”
    • Strategic Management Society Conference (2018)
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)


Work & Organizations

Elizabeth Adair

  • “When good cop meets bad cop: The effects of abusive supervision on co-managers”
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)
  • "A workforce up in smoke? Marijuana legalization, turnover, and wages in the transportation industry”
    • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Meeting (2019)

Tianna Barnes

  • “Ironic Evaluation and the Effects of Stereotype Suppression on Selection” (with G. Beaver and S. Leroy)
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)
  • “When Resolve Falters: Poor Fit with Adviser Reduces Benefits of Newcomer Proactive Personality” (with C. Hurst, J. Kammeyer-Mueller and B. Livingston)
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)

Bori Csillag

  • “Enhancing job seeker networking self-efficacy, use, and benefits: Effects of an online training program.” (with C. Wanberg, E. van Hooft and S. Liu)
    • 19th European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Congress (2019)

Fangtingyu Hu

  • Ben-Ner, A. and Hu, F. (forthcoming). The Economics of Philanthropy. MIT Press

Jee Young (Jeeny) Seo

  • “Antecedents and Outcomes of Complaining at Individual, Dyad, and Team Levels: Trait and State Negative Affect, and Interpersonal Dynamics” (with L. Zhou, Y. Liu, & J. Kammeyer-Mueller)
    • Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (2019)

Junseok Song

  • “The Differential Role of Passion on Newcomer Socialization, Engagement, and Innovation” (with J. Kammeyer-Mueller)
    • Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2018)

Ellie Stillwell

  • Booth, J. E., Shantz, A., Glomb, T. M., Duffy, M. K., & Stillwell, E. E. Bad bosses and self- verification: The moderating role of core self-evaluations with trust in workplace management. Human Resource Management. DOI:10.1002/hrm.21982
  • “Song of sorrow: A longitudinal study of work-related grief and its impact on work relationships during organizational change” (with O. A. O’Neill and A. Leigh)
    • Positive Organizational Scholarship Research Conference (2019)

Wei Wang

  • “Trickle-down Effects of Abuse and Support at Work: An Intervention Study” (with Michelle Duffy)
    • Academy of Management annual meeting (2018)
  • “Too Bad to be Good?: Three studies on the Ethical Behaviors of Narcissistic Leaders” (with Elizabeth Campbell)
    • AOM annual meeting (2018)

Julie Wellmann

  • "The Role of ‘Others’ in Career Success” (chaired paper session, with Brittany Solomon)
    • Academy of Management annual meeting (2018)
  • “Paving the Path to the C-Suite” (discussant, with Timurs Umans)
    • Academy of Management annual meeting (2018)