Talking To Your Employer

Crafting a case for support from your organization for the Carlson Part-Time MBA calls for a detailed and thoughtful plan. How do you go about requesting and securing educational support from your employer?


  • Read your company’s policies on tuition reimbursement or similar programs.
  • Determine your supporters and find significant examples of success for MBA education.
  • Speak to with colleagues that have completed MBA within the organization.
  • Be conscious of your organization’s budgetary timeframes.
  • Plan ahead to for program application deadlines.

Put together your talking points

  • Structure your case in terms of your organization’s interests rather than your own.
  • Look at your organization’s challenges and describe skills like strategic thinking, a broader perspective, improved communication, fresh management and leadership techniques will enhance through the Carlson’s Part-Time MBA Program.
  • Be specific intangible career development milestones that the MBA will propel you toward.

Do not forget to do the small things

  • Connect with your workplace mentor and your target decision makers to create support for your future intentions of beginning the Carlson Part-Time MBA Program.
  • Once you receive approval, follow-up with all parties by thanking them for their support or involvement and continue to foster those relationships throughout the process.
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