The Countdown Is On!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It is hard to believe that we, the Class of 2015, are only about 30 days from graduation! I am someone who takes A LOT of photos. Therefore, I have included some photos from my MBA journey in this post to reflect on some of my MBA experiences over the last two years. My MBA journey was especially challenging in the first year because it took time to get used to being a full-time student, taking a full load of classes, searching for a summer internship, and figuring out how to balance school and personal life (my partner, Kaizen Yang, is also in the program).

Although I have a more flexible class schedule for my second year of school, it came with a different set of challenges. As a second year, it has been more about balancing classes, leading student clubs, and planning my wedding! However, at the end of the day, I have been able to overcome all the challenges that came my way because of the great support from my partner, family, and classmates. The Carlson Community is one that has truly help make my MBA experience great and I will miss it greatly when I leave Carlson in May. 

1st year and 2nd year pictures

First Day of School: apparently we didn’t take a photo of ourselves on the 1st day of school. BUT, we did take a photo of the delicious lunch we had on our 1st day of school as 1st years… 

Group pictures

Homecoming Dance: the first formal event of the school year where we can dress up, and have a great night of dancing together.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween: always a great excuse to dress up, even for MBA students. 

Elite 8 Case Competition Group Photos

Elite 8 Case Competition: honored to have been on the team for this great Brand Management Case Competition organized by my fellow classmates (the only case competition in the nation that is fully organized by students).

Improv Workshop Group Photo

Carlson Improv Workshop at HUGE Theater: the Carlson Marketing Network hosts an improv workshop for students to learn about improv techniques that can help them think on their feet. 

Group Photo at Trapeze

Trapeze at the Twin Cities Trapeze!

Curling, group photo

Curling at the FrogTown Curling Club!

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing at the Big Lake in Minnesota!