Carlson Has You Covered with Your Job Search!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One of the most important factors in selecting the right MBA program is assessing what full time and internship opportunities exist through both on-campus recruiting and working with your career center. I believe that this is one of the many areas where the Carlson School really shines. The program has two important things going for it: its location and its incredible Graduate Business Career Center (GBCC).

You might be surprised about how strong the job market is in the Twin Cities. Our corporate strategy professor, Myles Shaver, did an in-depth study on how Minneapolis/St. Paul has a surprisingly high concentration of Fortune 500 companies for its population. We currently have 17 Fortune 500 companies, many large privately held companies, and several “hidden” headquarters of companies that have huge operations in MSP but aren’t technically headquartered here. His data also shows that the Twin Cities tend to grow their own headquarters with very few relocating here or leaving. Additionally, the Fortune 500 companies that thrive in Minneapolis/St.Paul are diverse and offer a lot of different career opportunities. If you’re looking to work at a large Minnesota-based company post-MBA, the Carlson School is the place for you!

There are also great opportunities with smaller local companies and companies of any size throughout the United States. That’s where the Graduate Business Career Center is especially helpful. The GBCC is stocked with helpful staff that are ready to assist you in every stage of your career search, no matter your aspirations. They excel in utilizing the University of Minnesota’s large alumni network to engage with sought-after companies or start relationships with companies from scratch. 

Beyond making relationships with companies, the GBCC also help its students get ready for the important career-seeking journey ahead. Upon accepting my admission into the MBA program, I sent my resume to Ashley Bowes Johnson in the GBCC and got helpful feedback on how to make more clear and competitive. During orientation we went through workshops on networking and interviewing skills. Throughout on-campus recruiting, GBCC staff hosted workshops to keep our interview skills sharp. And upon receiving an offer, they assist students with selection and offer negotiation. The opportunities to benefit from this wonderful resource truly are endless.

So whether you are coming to Carlson to seek a job at a large firm in Minneapolis, a small company in Seattle, or anything in between, Carlson has you covered!