Myles Shaver

Myles Shaver

Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Corporate Strategy
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • PhD 1994
    International business University of Michigan
  • BComm 1988
    University of Alberta


  • Corporate Headquarters Strategies
  • The management and economics of international expansion
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investment location choice


Myles Shaver is Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management where he holds the Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Corporate Strategy.

Myles’ research about corporate expansion is published in leading scholarly journals and he is invited to present at conferences and universities around the world. His recent research about the Minneapolis-St. Paul Headquarters economy has helped guide talent attraction and retention initiatives in the region and is presented in his book: Headquarters Economy: Managers, Mobility, and Migration. Myles presents this research to audiences in Minnesota and to audiences in other states and countries.

Myles is recipient of the Irwin Outstanding Educator Award – the most prestigious international teaching award in Strategic Management and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Distinguished PhD Alumni Award. A recent study identified Myles as one of the most prolific management scholars in the world and Poets and Quants profiles Myles in their compilation of the “World’s 50 Best Business School Professors.”

Myles is a Fellow and President-Elect of the Strategic Management Society.



Selected Works & Activities

  • Whole Books
    Headquarters Economy: Managers, Mobility, and Migration
  • Journal Articles
    David Souder, J. Myles Shaver, Jared Harris, and Abdullatif Alrashdan. Forthcoming. “Performance metrics in strategy research: A new metric and method for assessing dynamic value,” Strategic Management Journal.
  • Agnes Guenther and J. Myles Shaver. Forthcoming. “Re-Examining the Industry-Experience Venture-Survival Relationship,” Strategy Science
  • Collen Manchester, Alan Benson, and J. Myles Shaver. 2023. “Dual careers and the willingness to consider employment in startup ventures,” Strategic Management Journal, 44(9): 2175–2194.
  • Journal Articles
    J. Myles Shaver. 2019. “Interpreting interactions in linear fixed-effect regression models: When fixed-effect estimates are no longer within-effects,” Strategy Science.
  • Journal Articles
    Exequiel Hernandez and J. Myles Shaver. 2019. “Network Synergy,” Administrative Science Quarterly, 64(1): 171-202.
  • Journal Articles
    João Albino Pimentel, Pierre Dussauge, and J. Myles Shaver. 2018. “The Influence of Diplomacy, Institutions and Political Connections on the Location Choice of International Investments,” Strategic Management Journal, 39: 2770-2793.
  • Richard A. Bettis, Constance E. Helfat, and J. Myles Shaver. 2016. “The necessity, logic, and forms of replication,” Strategic Management Journal, 37: 2193–2203.
  • Journal Articles
    Zur Shapira and J. Myles Shaver (2014). "Confounding Changes in Averages with Marginal Effects: How Anchoring Can Destroy Economic Value in Strategic Investment Assessments." Strategic Management Journal.
  • Journal Articles
    Richard D. Wang and J. Myles Shaver (2014). "Competition-driven repositioning." Strategic Management Journal.
  • Journal Articles
    Adam R. Fremeth and J. Myles Shaver (2014). "Strategic Rationale for Responding to Extrajurisdictional Regulation: Evidence from Firm Adoption of Renewable Power in the United States." Strategic Management Journal.
  • Journal Articles
    J. Myles Shaver (2011). The benefits of geographic sales diversification: How exporting facilitates capital investment. Strategic Management Journal
  • Journal Articles
    David Souder and J. Myles Shaver (2010). Constraints and Incentives for Making Long Horizon Corporate Investments. Strategic Management Journal
  • Journal Articles
    Gary Dushnitsky and J. Myles Shaver (2009). Limitations to inter-organizational knowledge acquisition: The paradox of corporate venture capital. Strategic Management Journal
  • Journal Articles
    J. Myles Shaver and John M. Mezias (2009). Diseconomies of managing in acquisitions: Evidence from civil lawsuits. Organization Science
  • Journal Articles
    J. Myles Shaver and F. Flyer (2000). Agglomeration Economies, Firm Heterogeneity, and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States. Strategic Management Journal
  • Journal Articles
    J Myles Shaver (1998). Accounting for Endogeneity When Assessing Strategy Performance: Does Entry Mode Choice Affect FDI Survival? Management Science
  • President-Elect - Strategic Management Society

    Fellow - Strategic Management Society

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