Full-Time MBA Core Faculty

The Carlson Full-Time MBA program is led by internationally renowned scholars with a wealth of business experience. As researchers, their work informs real-world business practices for organizations across the globe. As educators, they impart the latest knowledge to prepare students to navigate the dynamic business landscape. And as corporate advisers,  they are sought after by leading organizations representing an array of industries, who leverage their expertise to solve urgent business challenges.

Gordon Burtch
Associate Professor & McKnight Presidential Fellow
Theresa Glomb
Professor, The Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair in Organizational Behavior
John Kammeyer-Mueller
Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Professor of Industrial Relations
Stephen T Parente
Professor, Minnesota Insurance Industry Chair of Health Finance
Pervin Shroff
Accounting Dept. Chair
Joel Waldfogel
Associate Dean of MBA Programs
Aks Zaheer
Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategic Management
Helen Moser
Senior Lecturer
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