Study Team and Peer Learning

The world-class faculty and high-service model offered by the Carlson Executive MBA Program ensure you master concepts, techniques, and tools to make you a better leader. An equally important part of the program experience is that the knowledge you will gain from your classmates. They will challenge and broaden your perspective by sharing their experiences and expertise in the classroom ad during team projects. Your fellow students have amazingly diverse backgrounds—they work in fields ranging from high technology and agribusiness to financial services,  manufacturing ,healthcare, and more.

Study Teams

For the first year, you will join a team of 5-6 students to enhance your teambuilding skills. New teams are formed for the second year of the program.

The goal for each team is to act as a whole - greater than the sum of its parts. Team projects allow you to delve more deeply into the subject matter while also allowing you to take on more complex assignments. Working together is also an opportunity to practice your leadership skills in a low-risk setting by providing feedback and taking on different roles.

You may discover that, in addition to the academic benefits of teamwork, you gain a supportive group of peers who can help you academically, professionally, and personally.

Managing Teams Course

In order to support you in having the most effective team experience, orientation includes the start of our Managing Teams course. You'll learn how to combine all of your individual strengths to overcome individuals’ skills gaps and develop a successful team. Your study team will become a high-performance group rather than a collection of individuals. 

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