Why an MPP-MBA?

The Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and the Carlson School of Management offer a three-year dual degree program that allows students to simultaneously pursue the Master of Public Policy and the Master of Business Administration degrees. The dual degree program is designed for students interested in careers that require expertise in policy making and management, and graduates will find career opportunities in public service, nonprofit, and the private sector.

Program Specifics

Students are required to apply to and be admitted into both the MPP and the MBA program, and both degrees are completed in three years. To complete in this time frame, students will carry a very demanding course load. After acceptance into the dual degree program, students meet with both their MPP and MBA advisors to be sure that their study plan satisfies both degree requirements. While the dual degree MPP-MBA enables students to complete the two degrees in a shorter time frame than they would if the degrees were pursued separately, it does not diminish the number of credits or costs for either program.

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