Why a JD-MBA?

Pursuing a degree in law and an MBA might seem overwhelming, but the combination will open doors. Our JD-MBA graduates go on to combine their legal and business knowledge in fields as diverse as corporate law, entrepreneurship, consulting, and corporate real estate. Their specialized expertise makes them a key player in organizations big and small. It's a challenge, to be sure, but you'll be surprised at the paths that are open to you when you've earned a JD/MBA.

Program Specifics

The JD-MBA Dual Degree Program was developed for candidates interested in combining their MBA studies with a JD from the University of Minnesota Law School. Candidates may apply for both programs at the same time, or current Law students may apply to the MBA Program during their first year of study in the Law School. Under this study plan students begin the MBA program in fall semester of year two.

Both degrees can be completed in 4 years. To complete in this time frame students will carry a very demanding coursework schedule. While the dual degree program enables students to complete in a shorter time frame, it does not diminish the cost nor the number of credits required for each program. Also, please be aware that compromises are necessary to complete this dual degree program, especially upon admission into the MBA portion of the dual degree. Students will need to delay opportunities such as the law journals, moot court, and some law on-campus interview options, which may conflict with required courses or other required events for the MBA program.

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