HRIR/MBA Dual Degree

Why an HRIR/MBA?

The University of Minnesota MHRIR/MBA Dual Degree program combines the strengths of two top-ranked professional programs from the Carlson School and prepares graduates to become effective leaders in both business and human resources. The MBA program provides a solid foundation in managerial practices relevant to a diverse range of industry and business functions while the Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations program delivers a thorough understanding of contemporary HR practices.  

Whether it is your goal to develop the expertise to engage in company-wide discussions of broader strategic issues related to human resource decisions or to manage organizational challenges from a functional business and management position, this dual degree program will impart a highly sought-after skillset for graduates to advance their careers.


About the HRIR/MBA Dual Degree

The HRIR/MBA Dual Degree will add only one additional year of study to the standalone HRIR or MBA degree and culminates in the completion of two graduate degree programs. The HRIR/MBA Dual Degree program is the perfect choice for students already accepted to the Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations program, as well as potential students who have yet to apply to the University of Minnesota. Under this study plan, students begin their Full-Time MBA coursework in fall semester of year two. 


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