Van de Ven Engaged Scholarship Conference

AVDV Conference


The Andrew Van de Ven

Engaged Scholarship Conference


May 30-31, 2024
The Carlson School of Management
321 Nineteenth Ave S
Minneapolis, MN


The second Andy Van de Ven Engaged Scholarship Conference will bring together research experts and industry leaders to explore the profound transformations shaping the workforce landscape. 


Presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions will delve into the impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, biomonitoring, and automation; agile workplace practices such as hybrid, remote, and gig work; and innovative spaces at home, work, and in our communities. Through our engaged scholarship lens, we will underscore the need for collaborative efforts between governments, businesses, and educational institutions to harness the opportunities presented by these changes while addressing potential challenges to shape a future where work is both sustainable and fulfilling for all. 


Andy was one of the preeminent scholars of organization and innovation around the world. Additionally, Andy pioneered the tradition of engaged scholarship whereby academics engage with practitioners and policymakers to identify complex and consequential real-world problems and then collect and analyze relevant data over time in partnership with organizations to gain insights that are impactful and actionable. We look forward to you joining us to honor Andy's work and his legacy.