Reunion Volunteers


Volunteering for Reunion

Volunteers are the key to creating a Reunion Weekend that is vibrant, enjoyable, and memorable.

As a volunteer, you are asked to serve an 9-month term on a joint class reunion committee (with representatives from each different MBA program that graduated in a specific year). 

You and your committee will drive the success of Reunion in two ways:

1) Reaching out to classmates to encourage them to come back and celebrate

2) Provide ideas for and thoughts on suggested speakers, session topics, and fundraising efforts



LEAD by example. Attend Reunion Weekend and make your own gift of any size that is meaningful to you to support Carlson students, faculty, and staff.  Come back, give back!

PLAN your Reunion.  Your input and guidance will determine topics for lifelong learning panels, what kind of speakers will present, and how your class can give back.

CONNECT with classmates.  At three points during your term, you will personally reach out to at least 15 classmates to connect with them, raise awareness of Reunion, and encourage attendance.

STAY IN TOUCH.  Reunion committee work and outreach efforts are much more effective when you stay in touch with staff and other volunteers. It will make your committee a stronger team and inspire you to own your reunion!


What You Can Expect From Us

Unique access and benefits: In recognition of your efforts, we want to thank you with insider knowledge of/access to Carlson happenings, reduced rates to attend your reunion, and will welcome you to invite-only events at Reunion.

Active communication: Just like we expect you to stay in touch, you deserve prompt and helpful communications from the Alumni Relations staff. That is our promise to you.

Logistical support: We will provide you the tools to make it as easy as possible to plan your reunion and reach out to classmates.


Interested in joining your Reunion Committee?

Our volunteer driven model needs engaged alumni to make Reunion a success! The more, the merrier! If you are interested in being a Reunion volunteer, please contact Sarah Oehler at for more information.


Karl Anderson (PTMBA)

Tiana Birawer (FTMBA)

Stephen Drot (PTMBA)

Chris Hawthorne (PTMBA)

Steven Kibaya (CEMBA)

Jill Poppe (FTMBA)

Eric Selvig (CEMBA)



Dave Abrams (CEMBA)

Ryan Albrecht (PTMBA)

Dave Burton (FTMBA)

Lauren Butterwick (CEMBA)

Jen Collins-Ritter (FTMBA)

Joyce Ferry (FTMBA)

Amy Hromatka (FTMBA)

Hannah Kitograd (PTMBA)

Liz Lunn (FTMBA)

Liz O'Brien (FTMBA)

Krista Overby (PTMBA)

Jason Stevens (FTMBA)

Kai Thompson (FTMBA)


Uday Anumalachetty (CEMBA)

Erin Dady (CEMBA)

Laura Gerdes (FTMBA)

Benjamin Rosaasen (CEMBA)

Catherine Yang (FTMBA)

Kaizen Yang (FTMBA)


Joe Braman (FTMBA)

Steven Bruce (FTMBA)

Matt Chua (FTMBA)

Emily Hennig (FTMBA)

Christopher Meehan (CEMBA)

Eric Nielson (CEMBA)

Shelly Wolfram (CEMBA)


Lorri Anderson (CEMBA)

Doug Everling (FTMBA)

Rebecca Fabunmi (CEMBA)

Ryan Foss (CEMBA)

David Hane (PTMBA)

LaReisha McGee (PTMBA)

Meghann McLouth (PTMBA)

Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas (FTMBA)

Wei Qiao (PTMBA)

Scott Russell (CEMBA)

Carrie Sazama (PTMBA)

Jill Skogheim (PTMBA)



Thomas Atkinson (CEMBA)

Jill Haspert (FTMBA)

Ana Hawkins (FTMBA)

Amelia Helm (FTMBA)

Scott Mays (CEMBA)

Bryan Nelson (FTMBA)

Victor Ni  (FTMBA)

Ellie Rogers (FTMBA)

Kim Spiegel (FTMBA)

Andy Wallmeyer (FTMBA)

Roy Bodayla (FTMBA)

Dana Fitzpatrick (FTMBA)

Ben Gehrke (FTMBA)

Jennifer Rusk (FTMBA)

Jorge Samper Zelaya (FTMBA)

Luis Moreno (FTMBA)


Julie Silverman (FTMBA)



Desiree Strom (FTMBA)

Elizabeth Abraham (FTMBA)

Nancy Browning (FTMBA)

Susan Harvey (FTMBA)

Karen Newcomer (FTMBA)

Bill Pearson (FTMBA)

Sally Scheefe (FTMBA)

Maureen Steinwall (FTMBA)

Angela Vikesland (FTMBA)

Jeanne Voigt (FTMBA)