Work with Student Clubs & Organizations

With 42 student clubs and organizations, the Carlson School offers many ways to connect with a diverse group of students.

Engage a student organization to build a presence on campus: Companies can sponsor a club event, speak at a meeting, host a site visit, or plan another activity. Reach out to a club directly or contact the Career Center to find the student organization that is the best match for your recruiting needs.


Business Technology Club (BTC)
The Business Technology Club’s mission is to increase MBA student's knowledge of how technology is and will be used in businesses, provide a means for networking with professionals in technology, and enhance the Carlson brand.

Carlson 4 Community (C4C)
Carlson 4 Community (C4C) serves to promote volunteerism and community involvement both at the Carlson School and the surrounding community and directs the Carlson MBA Charity Auction.

Carlson Marketing Network
Marketing Network is dedicated to developing successful marketing professionals by providing opportunities that connect students to expertise at the Carlson School and in the broader business community.

The mission of Compass is to engage the Carlson LGBTQ+A community to encourage all Carlson students to be their authentic selves both as students and as professionals. Compass does this by providing volunteer, educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Consulting Club
The Consulting Club strives to increase student awareness and understanding of the consulting industry and related employment opportunities through corporate site visits, speakers, and networking events.

Elite Eight Brand Management Case Competition
This competition brings together top brand management students, professionals and academics from across the country for a three-day competition highlighting the challenges facing brand managers in today’s competitive marketplace.

Energy Club
The Energy Club strives to increase student awareness and understanding of the energy industry in and outside of Minneapolis and related employment opportunities.

Finance Club
The Finance Club is committed to fostering a passion for financial careers, providing necessary skill-building opportunities, and building a lasting network of financial professionals as Carlson alumni.

Global Business Student Association
Global Business Student Association is an organization that focuses on providing all graduate MBA students, the resources and knowledge to pursue business opportunities in a global setting. Additionally, it aims to provide a forum to program events that meet the unique needs of international students.

Graduate Society for Human Resources Leaders (GSHRL)
The mission of GSHRL is to proactively and responsively enhance the quality of the academic, professional, and social life of graduate students pursuing HRIR careers.

Graduate Volunteer Consultants (GVC)
Graduate Volunteer Consultants (GVC) is an organization comprised of University of Minnesota Carlson School MBA & MA-HRIR students who are dedicated to providing free-of-charge business consulting services to non-profit organizations in the Twin Cities.

MBA Association (MBAA)
The MBA Association (MBAA) seeks to improve the Carlson School experience. The association adds value to the education of MBA students through extracurricular community, corporate, organizational, and student activities. In addition to serving as a liaison between MBA students and the administration, it provides a forum for students to voice concerns about the MBA program.

MBA Craft Beverage Association (MBABA)
MBA Beer Association focuses on the business aspects of craft beer, a fast growing industry in Minnesota with visits to breweries to meet craft brewers, craft beer business leaders, and learning how to make beer.

MBA Women International (MBAWI, formerly known as NAWMBA)
MBAWI aims to connect the women of our program via quality programming to enhance their Carlson experience. The formal mission of MBAWI is to empower graduate women in business, to propel more women into leadership positions, and to enhance diversity in the workplace.

Medical Industry Leadership Institute Student Association (MILIsa)
MILI Student Association is laying the foundation for a new set of global medical industry leaders by developing and promoting a sustainable network of professionals, providing opportunities and exposure to current topics in the industry, and creating avenues for successful transition into this field.

Military Veterans of the Carlson School of Management
The goal of the Veterans Club is to connect current, former and prospective Carlson School of Management students in order to promote professional advancement, to connect with perspective students, and to overcome common challenges faced by veterans.

Net Impact (Graduate Student Chapter)
NET Impact a mission-driven network of over 5,000 leaders that helps members broaden their business education, refine their leadership skills, and pursue meaningful professional goals.

Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)
The goal of OAC is to bring students together outside the classroom and introduce them to the great outdoors. OAC organizes camping trips, canoe trips, skiing, snowshoeing, and many other outdoor adventures.

Part Time MBA Leadership Advisory Board (LAB)
The Part-Time MBA Leadership Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the students and Carlson School leadership and acts as a strategic advisory board to improve the quality, value, and community of the Part-Time MBA Program.

Professional Student Network (PSN)
PSN is a student group designed to bring Part-Time MBA students together. The goal of PSN is to create a strong community among students, alumni, and businesses, around the Twin Cities and beyond. We sponsor several social events to connect students and speaker events to engage the local community and beyond.

Sports Business Club
Sports Business Club (SBC) is an organization focused on networking with the various professional and collegiate sports teams in the Twin Cities as well organizing social events revolving around sporting activities.

Supply Chain & Operations (SCO) Club
Operations and Supply Chain Management Club strives to gain a broader understanding of the opportunities, career paths, trends, and current burning issues in operations management, which it does through speakers, plant tours, discussion panels, faculty interactions, and other activities.

180 Degrees Consulting
180 Degrees consulting is the world’s largest student-driven consultancy that provides services for non-profits, social enterprises, and socially minded companies; giving students the unique experience of collaborating with a wide range of organizations while providing high-quality work for their clients.

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)
This co-ed professional business fraternity brings together students with a common interest in business for scholastic and social activities. AKPsi develops members both socially and professionally through close personal and business relationships.

Student Marketing Association
Student Marketing Association (SMA) is a non-profit, student run organization whose main goal is to promote a better understanding of marketing and its role in the business world. SMA provides students the opportunity to grow their professional and social network, enhance in-class learning with real world opportunities, and be exposed to different specialties of marketing.

Business Association of Multicultural Students (BAM)
This organization is dedicated to providing students with a diverse perspective of today’s global business environment and assisting them in their pursuit of professional excellence and community leadership.

Business Board (B-Board)
Business Board
Business Board represents the undergraduate student body at the Carlson School of Management. Our mission is to be the voice, inform the students, and help with student needs. As the student government, Business Board serves as an intermediary between students, faculty and staff to represent student concerns, administer student needs and coordinate informative, college-wide functions.

Club MIS
The mission of Club MIS is to foster relations among Management Information Systems students, faculty and the business community.

Carlson School Accounting Club (CSAC)
CSAC is here to give credible, thorough information about the accounting profession. Foster inclusivity, diversity, and comradery in a personable and sustainable basis. Build relationships within the Carlson School student, faculty, and alumni network as well as the Twin Cities to promote professional, academic, and social development.

Collegiate DECA
The mission of Collegiate DECA is to serve its diverse international membership as a professional organization, providing leadership and career-oriented opportunities to develop and enhance tomorrow’s leaders. Collegiate DECA focuses on leadership, networking, experiential learning, career development, and community service.

Compass is a student group that is focused on advocacy and creating professional opportunities for Carlson’s LGBTQ+ community. Compass does this by providing volunteer, educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Cryptocurrency Club
Vision: To make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a known concept around the University. Mission: Inform students and businesses about the benefits of Bitcoin.

Delta Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in Universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Design U
Design U's chief goal is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in fast paced, real-world design work. As a multidisciplinary student group focusing on product design, Design U aims to bring ambitious students together to create exceptional products. 

Entrepreneurship Club (Entre Club)
This organization is dedicated to teaching students how to become financially independent, successful entrepreneurs by bringing in CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners to tell their stories.

GLOBE is committed to fostering awareness, knowledge and understanding of international management and multicultural issues among students. International exchange students are paired with a buddy to ease the transition into American culture.

International Business Association (IBA)
IBA is for students interested in the interchange between international business and development. The group fosters dialogue about the importance of globalization, emerging economies, and their underlying developmental challenges.

Investment and Finance Organization (InFO)
InFO provides students the opportunity to discover the various occupations and issues involved with the financial industry. Meetings include in-depth discussions about the stock market, investing, bonds, commodities, and financial planning.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)/Black Business Professionals
The principal activities of NABA/Black Business Professionals are centered on the goals of cultivating interest among minority youth in the fields of accounting, finance, information technology, and other business related fields.

National Organization for Business and Engineering
The National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) is a national society uniting business, management, and engineering organizations from universities coast to coast. NOBE provides professional development and networking opportunities for UMN students interested in the intersection of business and engineering.

Net Impact
Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of leaders who use business to improve the world. Members are current and emerging leaders in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability who are actively improving the world.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
SHRM aims to enhance HRIR, HRD, Psychology, and students of all majors’ classroom experiences. Becoming a member of SHRM is a great supplement prior to a HR career; furthermore, SHRM offers top HR professionals as speakers, site visits, and social and volunteer events.

Sports Management Association
Sports Management Association is committed to providing an insight to the highly competitive sports marketplace. The group strives to foster an education of the different business careers in the sports industry and in other industries that apply business principles to their products through associations with sports.

Student Accounting and Finance Association (SAFA)/Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
SAFA/BAP serves as a liaison between professional accounting and finance representatives and students to provide a social atmosphere for networking, as well as service opportunities to develop professional skills.

Truth in Business (TIB)
The mission of TIB is to unite, equip, and send Christians with an interest in business into the workplace to do God's will. The group brings a unique perspective into the marketplace through a variety of speakers and teachings while integrating integrity and biblical knowledge.

Undergraduate Business Analytics Club (UBAC)
UBAC aims to expose, engage, and empower students through analytics. Members will gain exposure to companies in the Twin Cities, get hands-on experience through practical workshops, and stay up-to-date on current analytics trends. We hope to give students a competitive edge in the workplace and set them up for success in their future careers by enabling them to indulge in the biggest trend in business: Analytics.

U-Finance provides free financial assistance to other University student organizations. The group’s principal services include: preparing nonprofit tax records, creating or improving systems for tracking finances, assisting fees-receiving groups in yearly audits, and training leaders of each organization on better financial management.

Undergraduate Consulting Club (UCC)
The mission of UCC is to help students gain access to careers at premier global consulting firms as well as niche companies. Throughout the year the UCC hosts a variety of events focused on assisting members in reaching their goals of becoming consulting professionals.

Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Club (SCOC)
This organization provides an exciting environment for students to learn about supply chain management through professional speaker events, site visits, case competitions, a mentorship program, internship opportunities, and more. SCOC educates and encourages students in all majors about the importance and cross-functionality of supply chain management.

Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB)
This organization is dedicated to bringing women together in business-related fields through networking, speakers, volunteering, and social events. WIB helps develop skills to succeed in the business world and facilitates personal and professional growth.

Volunteer Tax Assistance Program (VTAP)
The Volunteer Tax Assistance Program (VTAP) is a student run service organization that provides free tax assistance to low to moderate-income individuals through the Internal Revenue Service's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.