A Message to the Class of 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In celebration, we gathered yesterday to award you with a degree that recognizes your tireless efforts, acknowledges your scholarly achievements, and symbolizes the life-changing effect that higher education holds. Regardless of whether you pursue a career in business or continue on with your studies, your Carlson School of Management degree has you poised to shape your future, and that of business.

Business is, and should always be, a force for the good. It is one of the greatest creators of economic opportunity and it has the ability to enrich our lives and fulfill our goals. The principled leadership and commitment to service that you have demonstrated during your time here make me believe business will soon improve the world in ways I can't begin to dream possible.

As you leave campus to begin this exciting next chapter, a community of more than 50,000 alumni in 78 countries awaits you. For at the Carlson School, alumni are not only our past; they are our future. They serve as our ambassadors to the world. They return to speak in our classes, recruit our students, and contribute to our continued well-being. We would not be where we are today without alumni engagement and I encourage you to follow the lead of those who have come before you. Doing so will only further elevate the value and impact of your degree. In turn, we will always be here to assist in your continued pursuit of knowledge and professional development.

On behalf of the University of Minnesota and the faculty and staff of the Carlson School, I offer you sincere congratulations. We are proud of what you have achieved and look forward to all that you will accomplish.

Photo of graduate at commencement