Invest in yourself. Invest in our community. Invest in each other.

Friday, August 30, 2013

This might be my favorite time of the year! The energy and excitement filling our buildings is truly contagious. And there's good reason to be enthused. As students, you are about to begin the next step on a journey that can take you anywhere you want.

I truly mean that. With your Carlson School education, experiences, connections, and with a healthy dose of ambition thrown in, you have the opportunity to not just land your dream job but rise to leading it anywhere in the world, or perhaps you'll start a company that will change the world!

This school year and throughout your time here, you will be presented with countless opportunities. Some you'll expect, some you won't. Don't let them pass you by. Be active and involved in class; be prepared; engage your professors; challenge assumptions. Soon you'll be a part of the working world, and this chance to learn will be behind you. Now is the time to invest in your own future.

I urge you to be part of the clubs and case competitions and corporate visits, and to go to the football games and fun events that are all around you at YOUR School and YOUR University. And be active in the community - both at the Carlson School, the University, and in the larger community that is all around us.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, invest in the people who accompany you on this journey. Reach out and get to know those who are somewhat different from you. The people you see in your classes and work with on your teams will become some of your closest friends and the foundation of your worldwide network for the rest of your career. Their success will equate to your success. Your goal should not be just for you to get your dream job, but for everyone here to get their dream jobs. That will happen when you work with each other and help each other become stronger and better.

Invest in yourself. Invest in our community. And most importantly, invest in each other. There will be nothing you cannot accomplish if you follow this advice while here. Good luck!