2021 MN Cup Finalists

September 3, 2021 — Following a week of impressive pitches from our 27 finalist teams, MN Cup is proud to announce the winners, runners-up and third place finishers in each of our nine divisions. Division winners will all receive a $25,000 cash prize. In the next round, our division winners will present a final pitch to our Grand Prize Review Board, competing for an additional $50,000. All these prizes will be announced on Monday, September 20th from 5-7 PM. 

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Education & Training

Division Winner: Proserva

Runner-Up: Homeschool Boss

Third Place: Career Authority, L.L.C.


Energy/Clean Tech/Water

Division Winner: 2040 Energy

Runner-Up: Vessyll

Third Place: CNC Concrete



Division Winner: Canomiks

Runner-Up: Clean Chickens and Co. llc

Third Place: All Clean Food, LLC



Division Winner: Ahh

Runner-Up: BoundaryCare (Beatrice Health)

Third Place: Bryce Canyon Design LLC (Python Plunger)


High Tech

Division Winner: Shrpa

Runner-Up: ProsperStack

Third Place: VoiceIt


Impact Ventures

Division Winner: Black Tech Talent

Runner-Up: GenEQTY

Third Place: YardHomes MN


LifeScience/Health IT

Division Winner: CoraVie MEDICAL

Runner-Up: Chanl Health

Third Place: MarPam Pharma, LLC



Division Winner: Nanodropper

Runner-Up: Telo

Third Place: Hearing Glasses LLC



Division Winner: Byt

Runner-Up: CASP Technologies

Third Place: ShowCase Waves