Carlson School and Wiley University Services Partnership

We’re so glad you’re interested in the Carlson School of Management. The Carlson School partners with Wiley University Services (Wiley EDU, LLC) to help you get the information you need to make an educated decision. If you’ve already made your decision, they can support your next steps – all the way through to graduation. 

The first thing to know is that admissions standards and decisions, faculty and course instruction, tuition and fee rates, financial assistance, credit transferability, academic criteria for licensure, and the curriculum are the Carlson School’s responsibility. It’s also important to note education does not guarantee outcomes including but not limited to employment or future earnings potential. 

We know pursuing a degree is a big decision with many considerations. Think of Wiley as your comprehensive student support team (an extension of the Carlson School) to help you navigate and simplify the many questions, processes and documents along the way. Wiley will provide you with the information to assist you in your education journey. From the application process and transcript ordering to post acceptance orientations and enrollment support coaching, Wiley is dedicated to serving you and being responsive to your needs.

You may opt out of marketing communications at any time. Note that you may still receive transactional communications from Wiley if you engage with their products or services. 

By filling out the form you were on or otherwise disclosing information, you are providing information to the Carlson School and to Wiley University Services that may be private data under Minnesota law. You are not required to fill out this form or disclose any information, but we cannot send you information or contact you with details about Carlson School master’s programs without this information. The Carlson School or Wiley University Services will use the information you provide to email you, call you, send you SMS text messages (if you opt in), send or show you advertisements online, and for other internal business purposes permitted by law. 

The Carlson School may share your information with: employees whose work assignment requires access; individuals and third-parties serving as school officials as defined at 34 CFR 99.33(a); persons authorized by state or federal law or pursuant to a court order; or by your written consent. Under certain circumstances, federal and state laws authorize release of private data to federal, state or local officials for purposes of program compliance, audit or evaluation. Wiley University Services may further share your information with online advertising platforms for remarketing purposes. For more information, view Wiley’s Privacy Policy and Wiley’s SMS Terms.