Undergraduate Minor - Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Minor enables students outside of the Carlson School of Management to combine Carlson School entrepreneurship courses and approved elective courses from their own college. Students have the flexibility to complement their major and career interests by selecting from a broad range of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship minor helps students on their journey to become entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business or helping organizations to develop new business opportunities. The objective of the minor is to provide learning opportunities for the innovative leaders of tomorrow. 

The Management Minor is for students in majors outside of the Carlson School of Management to gain a comprehensive exposure to the business world while developing knowledge in a focus area that complements their major and career goals. Through this minor, a student has the opportunity to build versatile business foundations by taking courses in Microeconomics, Statistics, Accounting, and Excel. These foundational courses prepare the students to be successful in any focus area they choose.

Admissions Requirements

Students are admitted on a rolling basis and are encouraged to apply for the minor as soon as they have completed Mgmt 3015, Introduction to Entrepreneurship with a C or better. A minimum 2.5 GPA is recommended. Along with a recommended minimum GPA of 2.5, students must complete the prerequisite with a C or better on an A - F grading basis to be eligible for the management minor. Students need to have this class completed prior to submitting an application.

Questions can be directed to the entrepreneurship minor advisor at entreminor@umn.edu.



To access the application you must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota and you must log in with your Internet ID (x.500 username) and password.

Minor Requirements

In addition to the prerequisite, students must complete all minor courses with a grade of C- or higher on the A-F grading basis. At least 3 upper-division credits that satisfy the requirements for the minor must be taken through the campus that will award the minor.

Students pursuing this minor should note they can only register for non-Carlson designated sections of ACCT2051, ACCT3001, HRIR3021, and SCO3001. For all the other Carlson classes  (FINA, MGMT, SCO), students should use the registration assistance form if they are not able to register on their own. For all other electives, contact the appropriate academic department for assistance.

Students interested in taking BA4503, IBUS3055, MGMT4171W, MGMT4173, and MGMT3061, should email entreminor@umn.edu for additional steps to take before registering.

Students completing this minor are not permitted to also complete the Entrepreneurial Management focus area of the Management minor.

Minor Curriculum

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