Student Organizations

Meet your classmates, get involved in your community, and develop your skills by joining a student organization. With so many groups to choose from, the Carlson School is sure to host a community that suits your interests.

Undergraduate Student Organizations

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest student-driven consultancy that provides services for non-profits, social enterprises, and socially-minded companies; giving students the unique experience of collaborating with a wide range of organizations while providing high-quality work for their clients. 

Agricultural Business Club

Our mission is to create leadership development opportunities for members through interactive learning to enrich students and prepare them for the agriculture industry. We plan to serve our mission through five key ideas; engaging students, increasing excitement for ag industry, preparing students to be professionals in the industry, educating about current ag companies and challenges, and facilitating relationships between students, faculty, and professionals.

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)

This co-ed professional business fraternity brings together students with a common interest in business for scholastic and social activities. AKPsi develops members both socially and professionally through close personal and business relationships.

Business Association of Multicultural Students (BAM)

This organization is dedicated to providing students with a diverse perspective of today’s global business environment and assisting them in their pursuit of professional excellence and community leadership.

Business Board (B-Board)

As the student government body of the Carlson Undergraduate Program, B-Board sets policies that govern student organizations. Members serve on various committees and plan activities to foster interaction among students and faculty.

Carlson School Accounting Club (CSAC)

CSAC is here to give credible, thorough information about the accounting profession. Foster inclusivity, diversity, and comradery in a personable and sustainable basis. Build relationships within the Carlson School student, faculty, and alumni network as well as the Twin Cities to promote professional, academic, and social development. We are also dispelling the notion that accountants aren't fun.

Club MIS

The mission of Club MIS is to foster relations among Management Information Systems students, faculty and the business community.

Collegiate DECA

The mission of Collegiate DECA is to serve its diverse international membership as a professional organization, providing leadership and career-oriented opportunities to develop and enhance tomorrow’s leaders. Collegiate DECA focuses on leadership, networking, experiential learning, career development, and community service.


The mission of Compass is to engage the Carlson LGBTQ+A community to encourage all Carlson students to be their authentic selves both as students and as professionals. Compass does this by providing volunteer, educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Cryptocurrency Club

Cryptocurrency club brings together students interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We strive to inform both students and businesses about the benefits of Bitcoin. 

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in Universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Design U

Design U is an undergraduate student group founded with the intent of providing students with the opportunity to engage in fast-paced, interdisciplinary, hands-on design work. Unlike other existing design groups, its operation and culture is modeled after a real product design firm.

Entrepreneurship Club (Entre Club)

This organization is dedicated to teaching students how to become financially independent, successful entrepreneurs by bringing in CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners to tell their stories.


GLOBE is committed to fostering awareness, knowledge and understanding of international management and multicultural issues among students. International exchange students are paired with a buddy to ease the transition into American culture.

International Business Association (IBA)

IBA is for students interested in the interchange between international business and development. The group fosters dialogue about the importance of globalization, emerging economies, and their underlying developmental challenges.

Investment and Finance Organization (InFO)

InFO provides students the opportunity to discover the various occupations and issues involved with the financial industry. Meetings include in-depth discussions about the stock market, investing, bonds, commodities, and financial planning.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)/Black Business Professionals

The principal activities of NABA/Black Business Professionals are centered on the goals of cultivating interest among minority youth in the fields of accounting, finance, information technology, and other business related fields.

National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE)

The National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) is a national society uniting business, management, and engineering organizations from universities coast to coast. NOBE provides professional development and networking opportunities for UMN students interested in the intersection of business and engineering.

Net Impact

Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of leaders who use business to improve the world. Members are current and emerging leaders in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability who are actively improving the world.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

SHRM aims to enhance HRIR, HRD, Psychology, and students of all majors’ classroom experiences. Becoming a member of SHRM is a great supplement prior to a HR career; furthermore, SHRM offers top HR professionals as speakers, site visits, and social and volunteer events.

Sports Management Association

Sports Management Association is committed to providing an insight to the highly competitive sports marketplace. The group strives to foster an education of the different business careers in the sports industry and in other industries that apply business principles to their products through associations with sports.

Student Accounting and Finance Association (SAFA)

SAFA serves as a liaison between professional accounting and finance representatives and students to provide a social atmosphere for networking, as well as service opportunities to develop professional skills.

Student Marketing Association

As a collegiate chapter of the national American Marketing Association, the main goal of the group is to promote a better understanding of marketing and its role in the business world. AMA provides students the opportunity to hear business leaders speak on current marketing issues, tour area firms, and make valuable business contacts.

The TAMID Group

Focused on developing relevant business skills, the Tamid Group offers a number of experiential learning opportunities focused on maintaining contact with Israeli businesses. Where other start-up environments may have difficulty providing students with the ability to gain on-the-job experience, Tamid-endorsed companies have worked extensively with the national organization to ensure students have the most effective relationships possible.

Truth in Business (TIB)

The mission of TIB is to unite, equip, and send Christians with an interest in business into the workplace to do God's will. The group brings a unique perspective into the marketplace through a variety of speakers and teachings while integrating integrity and biblical knowledge.


U-Finance provides free financial assistance to other University student organizations. The group’s principal services include: preparing nonprofit tax records, creating or improving systems for tracking finances, assisting fees-receiving groups in yearly audits, and training leaders of each organization on better financial management.

Undergraduate Business Analytics Club (UBAC)

The Undergraduate Business Analytics Club (UBAC) brings together students interested in business analytics from the Carlson School of Management and other colleges. We focus on exposing our members to emerging topics in the analytics field through professional speakers, developing technical skills with workshops, and connecting with employers looking for analytics talent.


Undergraduate Consulting Club (UCC)

The mission of UCC is to help students gain access to careers at premier global consulting firms as well as niche companies. Throughout the year the UCC hosts a variety of events focused on assisting members in reaching their goals of becoming consulting professionals.

Undergraduate Supply Chain and Operations Club (SCOC)

This organization provides an exciting environment for students to learn about supply chain management through professional speaker events, site visits, case competitions, a mentorship program, internship opportunities, and more. SCOC educates and encourages students in all majors about the importance and cross-functionality of supply chain management.

Undergraduate Women in Business (WIB)

This organization is dedicated to bringing women together in business-related fields through networking, speakers, volunteering, and social events. WIB helps develop skills to succeed in the business world and facilitates personal and professional growth.

Volunteer Tax Assistance Program (VTAP)

The Volunteer Tax Assistance Program (VTAP) is a student run service organization that provides free tax assistance to low to moderate-income individuals through the Internal Revenue Service's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. 

Carlson Full-Time MBA Student Organizations

MBA Association (MBAA)

The MBA Association seeks to improve the Carlson School experience. The association adds value to the education of MBA students through extracurricular community, corporate, organizational, and student activities. In addition to serving as a liaison between MBA students and the administration, the MBAA provides a forum for students to voice concerns about the MBA program.

Analytics in Business Club (AIB)

The primary function of the Analytics in Business club is to provide membership and guidance for MBA students to navigate available data science educational resources.  Also, AIB focuses on facilitating knowledge exchange between MBA and MSBA student coursework. 

Business Technology Club (BTC)

The Business Technology Club’s mission is to increase MBA student's knowledge of how technology is and will be used in businesses, provide a means for networking with professionals in technology, and enhance the Carlson brand.

Carlson 4 Community (C4C)

Carlson 4 Community (C4C) is Carlson School of Management’s leading student organization promoting volunteerism and community involvement within the Twin Cities. Created in 2005, it brings together Full-Time, Part-Time and Executive MBA students with the school’s alumni and faculty to support local causes. C4C’s premier event, and the school’s largest, is the annual Carlson MBA Charity Auction, which benefits a different local charity each year as selected by the student body. learn more

Carlson Consulting Club (CCC)

The consulting club strives to increase student awareness and understanding of the consulting industry and related employment opportunities.

Carlson Marketing Network (CMN)

Carlson Marketing Network is dedicated to developing successful marketing professionals by providing opportunities that connect students to expertise at the Carlson School and in the broader business community.


The mission of Compass is to engage the Carlson LGBTQ+A community to encourage all Carlson students to be their authentic selves both as students and as professionals. Compass does this by providing volunteer, educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Elite 8 Brand Management Case Competition (Elite 8)

This competition brings together top brand management students, professionals and academics from across the country for a three-day competition highlighting the challenges facing brand managers in today’s competitive marketplace.

Energy Club

The mission of the Energy Club is to provide a forum for exploring all facets of the energy industry, including the various transitions taking place in both new and legacy sectors, with an emphasis on emerging industry trends and their impacts on regional business and employment opportunities.

Finance Club

The Finance Club is committed to fostering an education of careers (and the required skills) in the corporate finance and financial services fields.

Food and Agriculture Club

The mission of the Food and Agriculture Club is to enhance the relationships between Carlson students and companies in the Food and Agriculture sector and serve as a connection point for Carlson students interested in Food and Agriculture to connect with other professional students.

Global Business Student Association (GBSA)

The mission of the Global Business Student Association is to provide all graduate MBA students the resources and knowledge to pursue business opportunities in a global setting and to provide the MBA students a forum to connect and to program events that meet the needs of international students.

Graduate Volunteer Consultants (GVC)

Graduate Volunteer Consultants is an organization comprised of University of Minnesota Carlson School MBA & MA-HRIR students who are dedicated to providing free-of-charge business consulting services to nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities.

Health & Wellness Club

Health & Wellness Club is an organization that serves as a resource and an advocate for student mental and physical wellbeing. Our mission is to create a more meaningful learning experience by supporting and encouraging healthy behaviors and balance. The club supports students participating in a rigorous academic course load, by emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness in their work and relationships. The club finds ways to serve this mission through partnering with local fitness studios, bringing awareness to different mental health tools that are available at the university and connecting students with resources and communities on and off campus.

Investment Club

The mission of the Investment Club is to expose students to financial markets and securities trading, be a forum where Carlson students share ideas and learn about concepts relating to financial markets, facilitate learning for students with a CFE-related concentration or asset management related career interest, and facilitate learning about investing and how investing in securities can be a way of growing savings and personal funds. The Investment club will supplement the Carlson student academic experience by giving students hands on experience using financial software such as Bloomberg, Factset and financial modeling tools.

Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)

Graduate Women in Business aims to connect the women of our program via quality programming to enhance their Carlson experience. The formal mission of MBAWI is to empower graduate women in business, to propel more women into leadership positions, and to enhance diversity in the workplace.

Medical Industry Leadership Institute Student Association (MILIsa)

The mission of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute's Student Association is to develop and promote a sustainable network of professionals, locally and globally, linked to all facets of the medical industry, with the purpose of creating opportunities for success in and transition to the medical industry.

Military Veterans of the Carlson School of Management

The goal of the Veterans Club is to connect current, former and prospective Carlson School of Management students in order to promote professional advancement, to connect with perspective students, and to overcome common challenges faced by veterans.


Mosaic aims to foster dialogue within the Carlson community around cultural, professional, and academic matters specifically impacting ethnic and racial minorities. Moreover, we seek to translate this dialogue into actionable solutions, thereby empowering future minority business to achieve and perpetuate success within our community.

Net Impact

Net Impact is a mission-driven network of over 5,000 leaders that helps members broaden their business education, refine their leadership skills, and pursue meaningful professional goals. Also oversee Neighborhood Business Fellows that work to build our Cedar/Riverside community.

Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)

The goal of Outdoor Adventure Club is to bring students together outside the classroom and introduce them to the great outdoors. OAC organizes camping trips, canoe trips, skiing, snowshoeing, and many other outdoor adventures.

Sports Business Club (SBC)

Sports Business Club is an organization focused on networking with the various professional and collegiate sports teams in the Twin Cities as well as organizing social events revolving around sporting activities.



Carlson Part-Time and Online MBA Student Organizations



Leadership Advisory Board (LAB)

The Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) strives to enhance the student experience of over 1,500 Part-Time Carlson MBA students by serving as a liaison between students and Carlson School leadership. Our mission is to continually improve the quality, value, and community of the Part-Time MBA Program.  learn more

Carlson Women's Network (CWN)

The aim of the Carlson Women's Network (CWN) is to provide a more well-rounded experience for the part-time female MBA student. CWN provides meaningful discussion and resources focused around women who are juggling many obligations while trying to advance themselves and lead today’s businesses.

Energy Club

The Part-Time Energy Club exists to provide a forum for exploring the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities in the energy sector in the Upper Midwest – with a particular focus on the tension between environmental stewardship and market constraints.

Family Club

The Family Club offers networking opportunities, friendship, and support to Carlson MBA students with families, and to their partners and children. This is primarily accomplished through family-friendly events and activities.

Sports Business Club

The Sports Business Club offers experiences that give insight into the business behind the sports industry. The club creates social and networking opportunities that increase engagement of part-time MBA students outside of the classroom and drives support of student athletes.