Studying Entrepreneurship in China

Studying Entrepreneurship in China

Monday, April 1, 2013

By Kevin Moe


Undergraduate students in MGMT 3010: An Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship gain a unique understanding of entrepreneurial processes as they see first-hand how they form and take root in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing during a two-week visit to China. “This class helps students be more confident and curious about opportunities in China,” says Senior Lecturer Steve Spruth, who teaches the program.

While in class, students research the companies they will visit and create a venture plan for one business as a final project. While in China, the students present their venture projects to the companies they studied. “I thought that this was one of the most interesting and interactive parts of the course, as the people working at these companies gave us direct advice on our venture plans,” says student Alex Holland.

Holland adds that studying in China is more than just a class. “It allowed me to explore the Chinese culture and how this culture influences differences in business practices,” she says. “This visit did a great job showing China’s rich history, as well as the huge presence that it has in the world today.”