The Carlson School building in summer.

Students Select 2023 Undergraduate Instructor and Staff of the Year Winners

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Six extraordinary teachers and four outstanding staff members have been selected, by undergraduate students, as the 2023 recipients of the school’s Undergraduate Instructor of the Year and Staff of the Year awards.

Following undergraduate student nominations, a committee of three students, one staff member, and the associate dean of the Undergraduate Program selected the following winners. For each, select quotes from nominators are included.

Instructor of the Year

Jacelly Cespedes, assistant professor, Finance

Jacelly Cespedes

“Professor Cespedes makes school enjoyable for me. She makes me feel welcomed into the classroom and makes it a safe space for everyone. She truly embodies what it means to be an extraordinary professor.”

“Jacelly has been an extremely motivating and kind-hearted instructor. She is passionate about her teaching topics and wants her students to do well. She thinks deeply about my questions and answers them proficiently while simultaneously making sure I, along with all of her students, understand them to the fullest extent.”


Michael Iselin, associate professor, Accounting

Michael Iselin

“Professor Iselin is a phenomenal accounting professor who goes beyond the classroom. Iselin is very personable and went out of his way to make sure his students were successful as accounting students and prepared us the best he could for the world in ways beyond just the books.”

“Michael Iselin is the most invested professor I have ever had. He genuinely cares about his students and their education and it comes through in his teaching. He took a genuine interest in me and made me genuinely care about accounting.”


Bhupinder Juneja, senior lecturer, Supply Chain & Operations

Bhupinder Juneja

“Bhupi is the most amazing professor. He understands how each student learns differently and really wants you to succeed in his class. Each class with him is fun, as he throws in jokes that gets the whole class laughing. He is not only a great instructor but you can tell he is one amazing human being.”

“Prof. Juneja is a prime example of how a good instructor can help you learn anything. He has a unique ability to break down complex statistical concepts into simple and understandable language, making his classes engaging and accessible for all students. It is clear that he has a passion for teaching and building relationships with undergraduate students.”


Amee McDonald, managing director of the Impact Lab

Amee McDonald

“I am nominating Amee for the instructor of the year because she shows up every day for her students. She makes me feel seen, heard and appreciated every day in class and I can’t be more thankful for that.”

“Amee is family. She makes Carlson a home away from home. She is not only an excellent teacher, but she embodies kindness and treats her students with the utmost respect. She truly cares about her students and makes sure to create a professional relationship with each and every student.”


Rand Park, senior lecturer, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Rand Paul

“Rand is not only a wonderful professor, but a wonderful person. He always tries his best to engage our class, and he is a very understanding, compassionate person. You can tell he really cares for his students and about what he's teaching. He wants us to succeed and truly learn about how to move forward as leaders in business that have integrity and morality.”

“Rand Park truly inspires me everyday. He makes class so fun, interactive, and informative. His bowties always make me smile and it makes my day to go to his class.”


Eric White, senior teaching specialist, Finance

Eric White

“Eric White is amazing, spectacular, outstanding - if I started listing all the adjectives that could describe him it would be the length of an essay! He truly cares about each and every one of his students and makes sure that they know it.”

“You can tell that Eric is passionate about finance and that transfers over to how well he teaches his students. He is able to make an inclusive classroom environment so that students can ask questions without judgment. It's not just about memorization, it's about getting prepared for your future career even if it's not in finance.”

Staff of the Year

Jontue Austin, senior academic advisor

Jontue Austin

“No matter what he is doing or who he is helping, Jontue is always doing it with a smile on his face. He is constantly going above and beyond to help all students, regardless of their track in life. He is looking out for everyone's best interest and is there in a moment’s notice.”

“Jontue is not just an advisor. He has been a mentor, a friend, and a comedian. He is also really active in the community with thrive and makes sure that all of his kids feel seen and comfortable at events.”


Rebecca Dordel, associate director, Student Engagement & Career Development

Rebecca Dordel

“Rebecca Dordel is truly an amazing coach. She has a way of connecting with you to make career exploration much less daunting. Without her, I would not have the direction I do now. She is amazing!!”

“During my internship search this year I was very stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling defeated. Rebecca was extremely helpful in calming me and providing ideas and thoughts to help. Thank you, Rebecca.”


Eric Ly, assistant director, Undergraduate Enrollment 

Eric Ly

“Eric is passionate about the work he does and treats every person with care. Whether he is running the Ambassador program, talking to prospective students and families, or going to his regular meetings, he is always dedicated to his work.”

“Since first touring Carlson, Eric has been very informative and personable. Recently Eric and I crossed paths and he still remembered so much about me and my story, this was very meaningful. It's these small details which drew me to Carlson to begin with, and affirms the choice I made in coming here.”


Kate Neiss, academic advisor

Kate Neiss

“Kate has made me feel like we have a personal relationship even though we only see each other once or twice a year. Her ability to make me feel welcome and remembered is incredible.”

“Kate is so awesome. She is understanding, welcoming, and everything I could ask for in an advisor. She makes the process of exploration and scheduling seamless and anxiety free. I appreciate her so much.”