The physical environment of the Carlson School plays an important role in delivering on our other campaign goals. New funding for improvements and modernization of our existing facilities will maximize our strengths in teaching, learning, and community engagement for all.


Phil Miller“The educational environment is changing rapidly and the Carlson School needs to continue to adapt. More and more of our teaching is delivered in an ‘experiential’ context with small group and project work. The traditional tiered classroom still has its place, but as teaching has changed, our facilities need to keep pace with what students, faculty, and employers expect of a world-class institution. More flexible spaces, more collaboration spaces, and more embedded classroom technology are important to the school’s continued evolution.

“The Carlson School and the University of Minnesota play a key role in connecting the local, regional, and global business communities. As our reputation grows and we have the opportunity to convene large groups at conferences or marquee events like MN Cup, we need to improve our public spaces to extend capacity and capabilities to run world-class events.”

Phil Miller

Assistant Dean, MBA and MS Programs


Marcia Page

“The Carlson School plays a key role in bringing the Twin Cities business community together. We look to Carlson to serve as a hub for collaboration through conferences, gatherings, andcommunity outreach.”

Marcia Page, ’83 MBA

Founder and Executive Chair, Värde Partners, Inc.






Blake LaBathe“A learning climate—an atmosphere that exudes passion and builds selfconfidence—is more than a place to meet. It’s an environment that fosters inspiration.”

Blake LaBathe, ’18 BSB







Susanna Gibbons

“As one of the largest and most well-established financial markets labs in the country, we are already recognized as a leader in providing students with a real-world experience in theinvestment business. But that business is evolving at light-speed, and we need to continue to invest in our program to maintain our competitive edge. Our work is modular and team focused, but our space is not. We need to be able to move quickly from individuals working on financial models, to small groups talking about industry assignments, to large group market discussions. I think the ability to provide students with a collaborative workspace is absolutely necessary.”

Susanna Gibbons, CFA

Managing Director, Carlson Funds Enterprise




A Force for Engagement

The Carlson School is a place of learning, teaching, and interaction. It is the nexus of Minnesota’s thriving business community, disseminating innovative and informative research, developing talent to fuel the workforce pipeline, and encouraging collaboration and partnerships.

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