About the Program

Career Opportunities: 100% of 2015 and 2016 grads received offers for employment within 90 days of graduation.

Curriculum: Students learn how to harvest, process, and analyze data to extract insights and create business value. The one-year program is composed of 45 credits.

Experiential Learning: Hands-on learning is a hallmark of the Carlson School experience, challenging students to apply what they've learned in partnership with real businesses.

Faculty: Ranked 4th in the nation for management information systems education, Carlson School faculty bring field-leading expertise to the classroom.

The Carlson School's MS in Business Analytics Program gives students the data science skills and business acumen they need to identify opportunities from big data. To meet the fast-rising demand from employers, the School is offering $400,000 in scholarships for qualified students to join the full-time program. Twenty $20,000 scholarships will be awarded to students next year. 

Early career professionals with analytical skills are encouraged to apply. Qualified applicants should demonstrate a capacity for intense academic study, a propensity for mathematics and programming, and a basic understanding of business fundamentals.

Scholarship eligibility requirements

  • Must be U.S. resident or U.S. citizen
  • Scholarships awarded to students admitted to the Full-Time MS in Business Analytics Program that begins in June 2017
  • Scholarships are merit based
  • No special application necessary

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