Medical Industry Valuation Lab Celebrates 10 Years

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

In 2018, the Medical Industry Valuation Lab at the Carlson School of Management’s Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Valuation Lab is MILI’s signature course, representing interdisciplinary, experiential learning at its finest. The lab brings together students from across campus to work in cross-functional teams conducting rapid market assessments for new medical innovations, helping evaluate lifesaving ideas, and streamlining time to market for critical new products.

Valuation Lab students produce more than 30 analyses a year, gaining valuable hands-on experience, while clients get a top-to-bottom breakdown of their medical technology and its prospects in the market. This kind of mutual student-industry benefit is at the core of MILI's mission. Since launching in 2008, the Medical Industry Valuation Lab has assessed more than 300 medical innovations for organizations that include Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, startups, and nonprofits, as well as individual inventors. In 2017, the Valuation Lab won the Innovator Award from MBA Roundtable.

Medical Industry Leadership Institute

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