Award recognizes article that had the most significant impact in 10 years since publication.

Associate Professor Mary Benner is the 2013 Academy of Management Review (AMR) Decade Award winner. This award recognizes the article published in AMR 10 years earlier that has the most significant impact as determined through citations.

Benner was honored for her 2003 publication, "Exploitation, Exploration, and Process Management: The Productivity Dilemma Revisited," co-authored by Professor Michael Tushman of Harvard Business School.

Benner found that process management activities are most effective for organizations during periods of stability or incremental change. However, in turbulent environments or during radical innovation, process management activities are not as conducive to organizational effectiveness. "Under these frequently occurring conditions, process management activities build resistance to change and momentum and, in turn, inhibit organizational variability. These inertial outcomes of process management activities stunt a firm's ability to adapt," Benner wrote.

Benner and Tushman were recognized at the AMR Editorial Review Board meeting in Orlando on August 11. They have also been invited to submit a reflection article to be published in AMR.